Hydraulic fixed car scissor loading dock lift for container/Warehouse cargo lift

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 Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table with Roll-off Guard and Chain Mesh
 The table will be used to move trolleys from one floor to another. It´s equipped with automatic roll-off guards on three sides to prevent the trolleys to fall down. 
 Below the platform you can see that the table also has mesh guard with collectors to protect the scissor arms.
 When working Strobe, buzzer effective reminder to ensure driving safety
 variety of preset product pipeline explosion-proof security system
 Sudden demand emergency stop button when the upper and lower console Emergency lowering control, Power Intelligent charging protection with convenient maintenance tool suite
 construction, electric power, telecommunications, airports, convention and other places ideal tool for high-altitude operations

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Detailed Description
 Driven by the electric and hydraulic system.
 Installed in the pit or on ground floor 
 Drawings and instruction manual will be offered.
 In addition to the standard equipment of lift tables, it is possible to provide RAMHOIST lift  table with a range of accessories to enhance safety, versatility, application and to simply handling.


 Aluminium motor prevents overheating
 IP54 ABS control box, 24V operation voltage
 24V limit switch
 Hydraulic pressure preset avoids raising vehicles exceeding rated capacity
 Pneumatic safety lock
 Toe protection
 Optional mobile kit for portable use
 Platform extension for longer vehicles
 120% dynamic and 150% static loading test passed
 CE approved

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Safety Precautions:
 1. Explosion-proof valves
 2. Spillover valve
 3. Emergency decline valve
 4. Overload protection locking device.
 5. Emergency decline valve
 6. Overload protection locking device.

 Detailed images of Fixed Scissor Lift

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 The electric hydraulic scissor lift platform can be used to lift cargo with different levels, suitable for cargo moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, or to second floor.
 ·Operation is easy. There are 2 sets control system installed on the electric hydraulic scissor lift platform, 1 control box below, and 1 hand controller on safety guard rail that can be operated on work platform.

 1.Standard ramp make it easier to load and unload.
 2.High quality pump station make it lift and fall very stably.
 3.Anti-pinch scissor design; main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong life span.
 4.Equipped with aluminum alloy blend-stop under the platform
 5.Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.
 6.Explosion-proof valve stops platform lowering quickly when pipe bursts.
 7.Up to American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570

Packaging & Shipping

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