Custom small warehouse stationary scissor lifting platform/scissor hydraulic lift work platform

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 Platform lift
1. This model of lift is designed and produced on the special requirement of customer, mainly on four aspects: loading capacity, lifting height, dimension of table and power supply.

2. They have two mainly types according to different sites. One is to be sited on a special place to loading cargoes and then lifting to a certain height and move the cargoes.

3. The other type is sited into a lift pit and accessorial tracks. The table of lift is in  the same level with the ground which is convenient to move the cargo onto it. In this way it also called freight elevator.

4. This kind of lift is usually used in production lines with many different work levels,  cargoes moving between stairs, truck material handling work and changeable  height working table like operation table etc.

5. We also supply spare parts free and supply technical supporting all  the time.(Spare parts: control button, travel switch, Oil cylinder seals and the wrench etc.)


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Detailed Description
Fixed platform lift

1.  In special circumstance, the machine will use explosion-proof electric equipment.

2. The platform equipped with anti-skid plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when it works.

3.  The work table would equipped the guardrail to guarantee the safety.

4.  The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity.

5.  The machine equipped single control solenoid valves to  prevent the platform dropping if power failure. You can open the manual dropped valve to lower the platform to the home position.

 Detailed images of platform lift

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 Packaging & Shipping

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