Stationary scissor lift platform heavy loading fixed hydraulic scissor vertical stationary industrial platform lift for goods

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 Our scissor lift tables can be pit installed or floor mounted, sited indoors or outdoors. Whether your requirement is within the warehouse, loading bay, production line, packing area – whatever your application and industry, there is our scissor lift table to solve your materials handling problem. 

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Single scissor lift tables with 1000kg lift capacity. The lift tables can be mounted on the floor or in a pit. They  are fully tested prior to despatch and are ready to use when delivered. Each  table is CE marked and complies with the requirements of EN 1570-1 + A1,  2nd version 2014-10-09. Accessories are available to order, including extra hand controller, limit switch, bottom frame with wheels and tuck frame. And it is designed for material handling and all kinds of assembly line.


Detailed Description
 Two Types
 1) One is to be installed on ground to load cargo and then lifts till a certain height for unloading the cargo.
 2) The other is installed in a lift pit. Then platform table is at the same  level with the ground which is convenient to load the cargo onto it. In this way it also can be called freight elevator.


Parts Introduction
 1)  Platform table: anti-slip checkered steel plate
 2)  Scissor structure: Manganese steel rectangular tube
 3) Hydro cylinder:high precision wear-resisting hydraulic cylinder with locking device for fall protection.
 4) Obturating ring: Brand German Seal (made in German) or Japan 
 VLQU Seal 

 1) Electrical up-down control device, or manual control when the electricity Is not available. We can also install the remote control device according to your requirement.
 2) The remote control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized at each control point. Lift up, Stop and Lower down can be realized at each control point. The lift platform could stop at the accurate location point
 1) In special circumstance, the machine will use explosion-proof electric equipment.
 2) The work table can be equipped the guardrail to guarantee safety.
 3) The lift can be installed hydraulic overload protective device.
 4) Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up, to adjust the pressure.
 5) Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off.
 6)The machine is equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. 

 Detailed images 

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 The electric hydraulic scissor lift platform can be used to lift cargo with different levels, suitable for cargo moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, or to second floor.
 Without restriction of space, they are widely used in lifting operations over large areas, such narrow space as warehouses, factories, highways and stairwell place where we could not dig pits. It is used to lift up and down large cargo to different levels, normally in the assembly line and other cargo transferring.
 Operation is easy. There are 2 sets control system installed on the electric hydraulic scissor lift platform, 1 control box below, and 1 hand controller on safety guard rail that can be operated on work platform.

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