Heavy duty mini scissor lift with safety bellow fixed hydraulic scissor lift table

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 Stationary Fixed Ground Double Scissor Lift
 It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height difference of the production line; adjusting the height of the work piece when the material is put on and off the line and the work piece is assembled; the feeding of the feeder at a high place and the lifting of a component when assembling a large device; loading and discharging of a large machine tool; Warehouse loading and unloading places and handling vehicles such as forklifts are used for quick loading and unloading of goods.

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Detailed Description

 Safety protection

(1) The scissor dock lift equipped with checkered plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when working.
 (2) Manual emergency valve, it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when meet an emergency.
 (3)  Anti-explosion valve, when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of the oil to stop the falling.
 (4)  Maintenance bar, when the engineer maintains the stationary scissor lift under the platform, it is held to protect the engineer.

Safety device: 

 1.Explosion-proof valves:Protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.
 2. Spillover valve:It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves
 up. Adjust the pressure. 
 3. Emergency decline valve: It can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off
 4.Anti-dropping device: Prevent falling of platform
 5.Platform:checkered steel plate for anti-skid

 Detailed images of Fixed Scissor Lift

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Packaging & Shipping of Fixed Scissor Lift  
 1. Film package to prevent humidity and rust. 
 2. Iron frame to keep warehouse goods lift stable in container. 
 3. Plywood to prevent warehouse goods lift from colliding. Convenient for forklift delivery. 

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Our service:
 1. All Scissor Lift sold must be tested before shipment, 100% quality.
 2. 1 years structure warranty, with CE certification.
 3. 24hours technical support by email, telephone or video online.
 4. User-friendly English manual for Scissor Lift using and maintain.
 5. Spare parts will be offered for free.
 6. Professional design drawing such as 3D drawing can be designed and provided according to customer installation site.