3m electric semi manual hydraulic home mini scissor lift table

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Introduction of Hydraulic Lift Table

 Fashion Scissor Design Hydraulic Lift Table with 360 Rotating Rollway
 Maximum working height 28.18 m
 the industry's smallest turning radius (inner wheel 0m) and compact design to facilitate operation in a small space
 40% grade ability, can climb smooth ramp
 Rotary chassis and easy maintenance
 When you can walk up to the height of lifting
 No imprint green tires
 Transport using standard forklift hole designed for handling and transportation standards.
 Accumulated work schedules, job progress at any time hold grip
 Foldable reduce the overall volume of the fence, through the low height channel

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Detailed Description of Hydraulic Lift Table

 1. Robust structure yet light weight

 2. ES series lift tables meet EN norm and  ANSI/ASME safety standards.

 3. High quality battery, Single scissor  70Ah/12V; Double scissor 80Ah/12V 

 4. Good quality pump station.

 5. Wheel and roller diameter 150mm

 6. Handle height 1150mm

 7.Max Work height: 950~ 1618mm

 Detailed images of Hydraulic Lift Table

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Our service:
1. Reply in 24 hours.

2. Customized cylinder color, cap type, valve model no. And stamping is accepted.

3. Every cylinder will be tested before the delivery.

4. Delivery on time and excellent after- sales service.

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