Scissor Type Manual Hydraulic Trolley Lift Small Electric Scissor Lift Table 100kg

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Introduction of Manual Lift Table
This moveable, hydraulic table cart can position and raise your work piece up to 34.5" by simply pumping on the foot pedal to the desired height.

This table have a foot lever and hydraulic pump to raise loads and either a hand valve or hand lever for controlled lowering. Tables with floor lock stay stationary while in use.

Table with relief valve has a valve to prevent pressure build-up and provide overload  protection. Warning: Do not move while under load. Never use to lift people

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 Detailed Description of Manual Lift Table

 • Soft-lowering down valve on foot pump for smooth, safe transitions of cargo
 • Portable ergonomic elevating cart minimizes workers bending and lifting
 • Material can be easily loaded onto cart from table, lowered to safe transporting height
 • Carts roll smoothly and quietly on low-friction polyurethane and poly-on-steel wheels
 • 2 swivel casters with brakes and two 2 rigid casters for excellent mobility
 • Rugged steel construction delivers durability for long lasting use
 • Custom size and specs available

Detailed images

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 1.Q: Is the operation procedure of Manual Lift Table easy to learn?
    A: Every step of our company's products is very easy to learn, and considering the unskilled operation, we have added emergency protection measures to each product to ensure the absolute safety of the user.
 2.Q:Does the load-bearing effect bear the weight according to the product identification?
   A:Our products are only marketed after quality inspection, so the Manual Lift Table must conform to the product identification  load.
 3. Q:How long after the order is placed?
   A:We will respond to your response within 24 hours after you place your order, and deliver the goods within 7days after the  order is placed. Please contact customer service for the specific arrival time. We will give you the corresponding time according to your region and logistics status.


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