Manual portable lift table hydraulic scissor mini scissor lift table

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Introduction of Hydraulic platform vehicles

 Hydraulic platform vehicles is small lifting machinery, It is mainly used in small-scale movements, goods extraction, display, and carrying  small valuables. It can greatly improve the working efficiency to reduce labor intensity. The appearance of products is beautiful and generous, firm structure, stable and secure, the internal performance and useful life has reached the advanced level of the same device. The mainstream market is hydraulic drive lift, because of small size, easy to move, widely used in logistics, warehouse management, library, supermarkets and ordinary small equipment manufacturing.

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Detailed Description of Hydraulic platform vehicles

 Features and Benefits
 • All steel frame with powder-coat finish
 • Convenient foot pump for easily lifting
 • Knob release handle used to lower the platform
 • Moves easily on 4 pu casters, 2 swivel with brakes and 2 rigid
 • Chromed handle frame
 • Custom size and specs available
 Detailed images

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 Hydraulic pump features overload protection

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 Convenient foot pump for easily lifting

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  Knob release handle

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  2 swivel casters with brakes and 2 rigid

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 The select foot pump hydraulic lift cart manual portable scissor lift table minimizes worker bending and lifting.
 Material can be easily loaded onto the cart from the table, lowered to safe transporting height.

 Packaging & Shipping

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