Mobile scissor lift platform indoor and outdoor 10 m hydraulic aerial work lift

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 Mobile Scissor Lift Table is moved by man manually or towed by  tractor or car. And lifts by different power, such as AC, DC, AC and DC, Diesel. 
 Mobile Scissor Lift is famous for its simple structure, low failure rate, heavy duty capacity and cheap price.

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Detailed Description
 • Standard Configuration
 1. AC380V.
 2. Emergency Lowering valve.
 3. Leveling device with supporting screw.
 4. Waterproof electric box.
 5. Emergency stop button.
 • Optional Configuration
 1. AC220V(For Max 12m platform), DC.
 2. AC-DC, manual hydraulic pump.
 3. Italian hydraulic system.
 4. Explosion proof electric control system.
 5. Rubber solid tire.
 6. Extension platform.
 7. Electric moving device.

 1. explosion-proof lock valve to avoid a sudden drop if emergency occurs 
 2. the limit switch system helps the Car Lift Table to stop at accurate position.
 3. overload protection facility is equipped on, the hydraulic lift  table will not work when goods is overloaded.
 4. all the Car Lift Table are passed 1.2 times loading test before leaving  factory
 5. guarantee: 24 months, we supply spare parts free and supply technical  supporting all the time.

 Detailed images of Mobile Scissor Lift Table

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 1. Scissor lift tables are dealt with shot blasting and stoving varnish, high anti-corrosion function.
 2. High quality pump station make the scissor lift table lifts and falls very stably.
 3. Anti-pinch scissor design, main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong life span.
 4. Removable lifting eye can help to lift the table and install.
 5. Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the scissor lift table lowering in the case of hose burst.
 6. Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.
 7. Brief structure makes it much easier to operate and maintain.
 8. Up to American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570.


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