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 Pipe bender is mainly used for factory, warehouse, wharf, construction, railway, automobile installation and repair. In addition to the pipe bending function, it can also remove the pipe bending parts (cylinder) as a separate hydraulic jacking machine. Hydraulic pipe bender is a new type of pipe bending tool with pipe bending function and lifting function. It has many advantages such as reasonable structure, safe use, convenient operation, reasonable price, quick loading and unloading, easy to carry and multi-purpose.

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Product details
 The heavy duty steel frame hydraulic metal pipe bending machine can bend 6 different diameter pipes or tubes from1/2 in to 2 in up to 90 degrees.

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 Floor standing pipe benders with fabricated steel chassis and heavy-duty hydraulics with integral pump and reservoir.

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 Fitted with externally mounted return springs. This Hydraulic Tube pipe bender provides extra power for extra-large jobs.

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Raw Material: Steel
 Capacity: 12Ton
 G.W: 40kg
 N.W: 38kg

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 1. Suitable for common water pipe, pipe, gas pipe, thick steel pipe, etc., with bending Angle up to 90 degrees
 2. For 1/2 "-3" one operation is 90 degrees, for 2~ 1/2 "-4", the pipe must be moved and bent five times to the required radian
 It is made of solid ductile iron pipe bending die material
 4. The bending surface is smooth without folding mark, easy to operate
 5. More compact: the net weight only for 42kg
 6. More qualified:high quality approved by CE
 7. More convenient:simple operation with pleasant experience
 8. More reliable and stable:hydraulic bending machine helping the bending degree more precise
 9. More universal applications: used in railway construction, bridge engineering, housing decoration and many other fields.
 10. The bed structure is stable, not easy to deformation.
 11. Each gear can be set 16 bending Angle, memory can store 16 groups of files.
 12. Slow positioning function, bend Angle stability and repeat precision of + / - 0.1 °

 Method of use

 1. Tighten the switch, and grease the contact part between the supporting wheel and the mold and the bent workpiece.
 2, According to the size of the pipe bending, select the corresponding bending die, installed on the top of the piston rod, the two supporting wheel corresponding size groove facing the bending die, pay special attention to the supporting wheel should be placed in the wing plane side of the corresponding size hole, the largest specification of the most external hole, and so on. To avoid the two supporting wheel position is not symmetrical, resulting in damage to the mold and parts.
 3, After the workpiece will be placed on the wing cover, the first use of fast pump to bend  the mold pressure to the workpiece, and then use the slow pump to the workpiece to the required Angle, after bending open the switch, the working piston rod will automatically reset, turn over the upper wing, the workpiece out.

Packaging & Delivery

 Packaging Details
 Meas.: 63x56x17cm;
 20' Container: 430pcs
 Lead Time :Shipped in 35 days after payment

The price can be negotiated because the freight is different in different countries. Please contact me for an actual price that  suits you. In general, the actual price may be a little cheaper than it appears. However, if the remote country, the freight may be slightly higher.

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Why Us
 1. OEM manufacturing welcome: products, packaging...
 2. Sample order:We will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.
 4. After delivery, we will track the product for you every two days until you get the product. When you get Cargo, test them and give me a feedback. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact us, we will provide for you.

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 1) How long is the warranty? ----- We provide 1 year warranty for the main parts of our product. Like, gearbox, motor, cast body etc.
 The quick worn parts are not included. Like the dies, carbon brushes, cutting wheels, sealing rings etc.
 2) What should I do if my tool is broken? ----- In the warranty period, we will make compensation free for all non-human factors damage. Once your tool damaged in working, please take photos at the sight, and we will deliver the spare parts to you immediately. If your tool was broken by human factors, or outside the warranty period, we can also send you the spare parts for your replacement, but need to charge.
 3) What should I do when I received a damaged goods? ----- If you found there is any part damaged in the delivery, please take photos once your open the package, we will send you a new one for Half-Price.