China supplier manufacturing hdpe pipe with cheap price list for water supply

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400mm sn4 sn8 HDPE culvert pipe
corrugated drainage pipe
1.Efficient, durable, economical
2.Dia: Dn200 to Dn800, SN4, SN8
3.Service life over 50 years

Advantages of 400mm sn4 sn8 HDPE culvert pipe:
 1.Lightweight can be manually lifted for unloading, handling and installation
 2.Strong and flexible, capable of taking standard traffic loading at low cover
 3.Economical and cost effective
 4.Superior hydraulics
 5.Abrasion and chemical resistance
 6.Simple base and embedment
 7.Easy installation and joints

Application of 400mm sn4 sn8 HDPE culvert pipe:
 1.Sewer and drainage
 2.Frontage drains for terrace and other residential units in housing schemes
 3.Perimeter drains for commercial, industrial units and individual factories
 4.As collector drains in subsoil system in road, highway, open field, stadium, retaining wall or parking space
 5.As collector drains in subsoil system, sewerage treatment plant sludge drying bed under drains

Connecting Type
 Bell-and-spigot electric fusion jointing: Both ends of pipe are processed to bell and spigot type respectively when being produced. Electric fuse is embedded into the middle section of inner wall of bell end when the pipe is connected, energizing is the only process for installation, and zero leakage can be realized for the pipe network system.

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The details of our HDPE Pipes

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