Industry Application FRP Fiberglass Pultrusion Tube

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 Features of our Pultrusion Tubes

  1. Good dimensional stability
   The thermosetting resin forming the substrate body cross-linked network structure in the process action of heat occurs, which article good dimensional stability under normal conditions, after the occurrence of shrinkage after molding is small. Products under long term continuous loads minimal change its shape and size, that little creep. Creep performance depends on the size of its load, high and low temperature and length of time of load factors. At a fixed load and temperature conditions, after a long time to load creep thermosets smaller than thermoplastics.
   2. Excellent heat resistance, high temperature characteristics
   Thermoset resin-based composite material can not be cured after softening, heat resistance and its products fairly stable, with a load of 1.86MPa, generally heat distortion temperature in the 150 ~ 260 ºC, and fiber-reinforced thermosetting plastics belong to excellent insulation material, the thermal conductivity is generally 0.35 ~ 0.47W / (mK), only metal 1/100 to 1/1000, it can be used as good insulation material and instantaneous high temperature materials, thermal deformation temperature of the material up to 350 ºC, can be used as normal and high temperature structural materials. Glass / phenolic rocket, missile engines excellent insulation material. 

   3. Excellent electrical properties
   Composites are excellent electrical insulation materials, more excellent terms of mica filler product obtained its electrical properties can be used to manufacture arc resistance, resistance, voltage, induction of superior special components. Since the composite material has excellent electrical properties, and its products there is no electrochemical corrosion and stray current corrosion, it can be widely used in the manufacture instrumentation, motors and electrical insulating components, in order to improve the reliability of electrical equipment and extend the life. In addition, the role of good  products at high frequency and microwave dielectric properties permeability, has been used to manufacture a variety of high-frequency radar cover and other insulation products.

   4. Excellent corrosion resistance
   Resin-based composite materials and electrochemical corrosion of ordinary steel mechanism is different, it is not conductive, dielectric solution does not dissolve the ions, so the air, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other medium has good chemical stability resistance, particularly in the non-oxidizing acid pH value and fairly wide range of media are having a good stability. Therefore, it is widely used to make corrosion-resistant products for stainless steel can not deal with some of the media (such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine, carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite and sulfur dioxide) corrosion, played a good role.

   5. FRP pultruded profiles good surface properties
   When composite materials and chemical media generally have little contact surface corrosion generated, rarely scaling, so commonly used for producing a fluid conduit, its pipeline small resistance, low friction coefficient, saving a lot of power. Since the composite material is generally not as easily as metal ions to form metal contaminated media, so it is widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries composite article reason. In addition, the composite material has a high friction (PV) limit under water lubrication, the friction coefficient is very small, about 0.01 to 0.03, it is also preferred material wear-resistant products.

Series of our pultrusion profiles include square tube, rectangular tube, round tube, angle, I-beam, channel, rod and other custom profiles. Our company can be customized according to customer requirements, the product images and properties are for reference only, and the more details requested please contact us!

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 A. Pultrusion Pipe Series (diameter 2.0mm-- 32mm)
 This series of products applicable to the production of tents, mosquito nets, bags, handbags, X exhibition rack, tool handles, windmills, golf (bags  /flagpole / Practice Rod / Practice Network), tripod, ski pole, hood, spray bar, tripod rod, PHS antenna tube.

 B. Pultruded rod series (diameter of 0.6mm---- 32mm)

 This series of products applicable to the production of an umbrella bones, kiteframe, PCB equipment, exhaust fan, antenna, model aircraft aircraft, stentblankets, beach seats, rotating shaft, shaft core, curtain rods, toys, fishingtail, bags, flying butterflies, whip, flagpoles (Table Flag / Car Flag / Handflag-waver / knife-type flag ).

 C. Pultrusion flat strips (2mm * 10mm, 2mm * 12mm, 2mm * 23m ----- 5mm * 30mm,  )

 This series of products applicable to the production of yoga fitness ring, magic circle, sailing, fitness equipment, toy bow, curtains article, luggage, handbags, exhibition rack.

 D. Pultrusion Profile Series

 This series of products applicable to the production of fan blades, fan in thecolumn (T-type), the equipment, slide, L-angle, cone-shaped mast.

The details of our Pultrusion Tubes

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The images of processing

The material of Pultrusion Tubes

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Fiberglass / FRP / GRP square tube can be used for constructing platforms, handrails, walkways, bridges, cable tray etc.

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