High quality good price passed ISO9001 FRP pultrusion round tube

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With the social progress of science and technology, the development of civil engineering disciplines, application and development to a large extent due to new materials and new technology and excellent properties, and FRP with its excellent mechanical properties and meet the needs of modern engineering structures to large span, tall, heavy and light development needs are more and more widely used in bridge engineering, civil construction, marine engineering, underground engineering, received wide attention in the field of structural engineering.

Shapes of FRP Pultrusion Tubes

Round Fiberglass Tubing

 Expert supplier Ramhoist supplies hollow round tubing in a range of outside and inside diameters. Our production capabilities include small sizes from ½ inch diameter to 14 inches in diameter.

 All of the standard tubing sizes are available including ¾, 1, 1.125, 1.144,  1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2 and 3: diameters. We have manufactured tubes with a  thicknesses ranging from 0.080 inches (2.03mm) through 1 thick (25.4mm). 

 LPI can also manufacture telescoping tubes.

 Square Fiberglass Tubing

 Professional Exporter Ramhoist exports  all of the industry standard and commercially available sizes of square tubing. The square tubing sizes range from 1 OD through 7.25 OD and we offer a variety of wall thicknesses from which to choose. Many of these tubes are available from stock. 

 Rectangular Fiberglass Tubing 

 China supplier Ramhoist wholesales various pultruded rectangular tubes for a wide range of customers and industries. There are literally hundreds of available sizes ranging in size from small rectangular tube insulators through large 4" x 12" rectangular tubes used in Pergolas.

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 Main Raw Material:

 1.Reinforcement material: fiberglass, glass mat, continuous strand mat, surfacing mat, needled mat.

 2.Basis material: unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinylester resin.

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The advantages of Pultrusion

1.The pultrusion process is a proven manufacturing method for obtaining high quality FRP profiles with consistently repeatable mechanical properties.

2.Some of the features of the pultrusion process are:

  • Complex shape and length capabilities

  • Precise positioning of reinforcements

  • Low scrap rates

  • Wide choice of reinforcements and resins

3.Pultrusion successfully combines a number of elements which can provide a wide variety and combination of properties and characteristics required by the final application of the product.

4.Pultrusion is a method of manufacturing either discrete or continuous lengths of fibre reinforced composites by pulling resin impregnated fibres through a series of forming guides.

5.They then pass through a heated die to cure the resin system, thus producing a rigid cured composite as it exits the die. The shape and dimensions of the end product are determined by the die cross section.

6.Pultrusion is an ideal process for the production of either solid or hollow constant cross section profiles.

The images of processing

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Frp profile pultrusion machine Production Flow
 Pultrusion is an automated process for manufacturing reinforced materials into continuous, constant cross-sectional profiles. In virtually every case, a continuous reinforcing fibre is integral to the process and the finished product. The basic operation consists of pulling a reinforcement through a resin impregnation bath or other facility, and then through a die to produce the finished profile.

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These attractive properties make FRP the preferred choice of composite material for many uses in industries such as Construction/Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, Wastewater Treatment, Electrical, and Marine just to name a few.

Some specific applications found within these industries are as follows:

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  • Bridges

  • Bulkhead Frames

  • Cable Trays

  • Complete Building Systems

  • Cooling Tower Components

  • Flooring Supports

  • Pipe Supports

  • Pre-Fab Walkways, Platforms and Handrail Systems

  • Trusses & Joists

  • Wind blades

  • Window Frames

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  • Automobile Springs

  • Automotive Leaf Springs & Bumpers

  • Bus Components

  • Bus Window Latch Supports

  • Dunnage Bars

  • Roll-Up Doors/Roll-Up Door Panels

  • Spring Bumpers

  • Tank Supports

  • Truck/Trailer Wall Posts

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  • Ladders

  • Light Poles

  • Mop, Broom and Brush Handles

  • Pruning Poles

  • Rake/Shovel Handles

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 Wastewater Treatment

  • Cell Partitions

  • Scrubber Components

  • Travelling Water Screens

  • Water/Waste Water Treatment Sludge Flights

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  • Composite Utility Poles

  • Crossarms

  • Crossing Gate Arms

  • Electrical Enclosures

  • Mist Eliminators

  • Mounting Braces & Backboards

  • Switch Gear Components

  • Third Rail Coverboards

  • Walk-In Refrigeration Door Jambs

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  • Boat Dock Power Posts

  • Fender Pilings

  • Sheetpiles

  • Sea Wall/Pylon Design