Milk Juice Pasteurizing Uht Sterilizing Machine/Uht Milk Production Line Small Milk Processing Plant

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UHT adopts casing structure, high efficiency, energy saving and simple operation. It is widely used for sterilization of liquid materials such as fresh milk, soya bean milk, fruit juice, beverage, soy sauce, wine and ice cream paste. The heat exchanger of the equipment adopts the casing structure, which is highly efficient, energy-saving and easy to operate. Because the material is heated for a very short time, the nutrition loss is small widely used in fresh milk, soy sauce, drinks, alcohol and other fluid materials sterilization or sterilization, can also be used for soybean milk, liquid medicine sterilization or sterilization. If used with homogenizer, it can also be used for high viscosity materials, such as sugar beet condensed milk.


 Sterilizing way: Hot Water Spraying
 Material: Stainless Steel SUS304
 Heating way: Steam Boiler
 Control system: Fully Automatic
 Design Temperature: 147 Degree Centigrade
 Design pressure: 0.35 Mpa
 Supply Ability:20 Set/Sets per Month
 Advantage: Energy Saving


1. Low steam consumption. The sterilizing water after steam atomization is directly mixed in the sterilizing pot, which not only increases the speed of temperature rise and fall, but also increases the utilization rate of steam heat energy and reduces steam consumption.

2. Use less water. Compared with the water immersion retort, a small amount of process water can meet the sterilization requirements. Therefore, the water tank of the water spray retort is smaller than the water immersion retort.

3. Excellent temperature control. Water is sprayed from different angles, steam, air and water are mixed to form a perfect temperature distribution.

4. Small noise. The spray type has low noise and a better sterilization environment.

5. No damage to the package. Perfect pressure control, pressure controlled by computer during the entire sterilization process to adapt to the changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, so that the product packaging deformation to be the lowest. Particularly suitable for gas-containing packaging products, glass bottles, pp bottles, pp cans, etc.

6. Good looking. The sterilization water is less, and the softened water can be recycled to avoid the contamination of the outer packaging caused by the quality of process water. The sterilized product has a clean appearance.

7. Food safety. Perfect heat distribution, so that the products in the retort can achieve the best sterilization no matter where they are and what type of packaging.

8. Indirect cooling. The cooling water is not in contact with the process water, avoiding secondary pollution and eliminating the need for water treatment chemicals.

9. Low maintenance costs. Heat exchanger requires little maintenance, and all components except the pump are static.

10. Heating and cooling indirectly, preventing from second pollution.

12. Rising and falling temperature gradually.

13. Suitable for different packaging, including flexible, bottle and canned packaging.

14. Using soft water to sterilize, keeping the surface clean and net.

15. Soft rise and fall of temperature, preventing from cracking.

16. Being able to use sea water to decrease temperature, saving energy.




Water spray retort, also called water fall retort or water cascading retort. In the sterilization process of glass bottled, tinplate cans and gas-containing packaging products, the product is highly sensitive to cold and heat and the problem of bottle explosion can be easily caused in the sterilization process of the water immersion retort. In order to make the product completely evenly pressed and heated, the water spray retort was developed.


There are three spray methods for the water spray retort:

1. Lateral spray method. On each of the four corners of the tray, nozzles are provided, each layer of products on the  pallet is heated. Since the water is continuously sprayed from the nozzles vertically mounted on the four corners of each tray, the temperature inside the retort is kept very stable at all stages of the sterilization process, ensuring that the F value changes and excessive cooking are minimized.

2. Top spray method. A spray partition is arranged on the top of the retort, and the sterilizing water is sprayed from the top to uniformly penetrate the product.

3. Full spray method. It combines the lateral spray method and top spray method, can ensure that the temperature inside the retort is uniform and no dead angle.


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