Industrial Uht Plate Model Milk Sterilizer Machine with Best Quality

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Product Description
This machine can be used for pet food, meat, plastic bags, bowls, stand-up pouch, PE bottle, Fruit juice, glass bottle, beverage etc. UHT super temperature instant  sterilizer suitable for fresh milk, juice, beverage, frozen sucker, and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soybean milk, condensed milk, wine and other liquid materials of instantaneous sterilization, sterilization of liquid materials can  also be used for. The device of feeding and discharging adopt t cock, flow can be according to need to adjust, use and reliable.


Product Feature

1. Continuous production, sterilization time is very short.
 2. Due to the shorter time for heating can obtain high quality products.
 3. With ultra high temperature sterilization, the sterilization efficiency is very high.
 4. With centrifugal pump series or high pressure homogenizer is used, the application range is very wide, suitable for high viscosity material sterilization.
 5. With cold and hot material is used on due to the design of heat exchange equipment of waste heat utilization economic effect, so the electric consumption is small.
 6. Have electric power and steam power, two kinds. If you have boiler or steam generator, the steam power is more suitable. If not, the electric power is more cost-effective.
 7. Temperature control easily
 8. PLC control, simple operation
 9. Reliable operation, high pressure material
 10. Easy cleaning and low cost of maintenance
 11. Products with high viscosity, suitable particle materials processing
 12. Anti-coking, long production period
 13. Heating and cooling indirectly, preventing from second pollution.
 14. Rising and falling temperature gradually.
 15. Suitable for different packaging, including flexible, bottle and canned packaging.
 16. Using soft water to sterilize, keeping the surface clean and  net.
 17. Soft rise and fall of temperature, preventing from cracking.
 18. Being able to use sea water to decrease temperature, saving energy.

The machine has two kinds of specification: manual control and automatic control, It is suitable for the liquid material beverage. Such as fresh milk, fruit juice  drink, wine drink, soybean milk and Chinese medicine, as well as the sticky material (for example, sweet condensed milk) upon completing with high-pressure homogenizer. The information of other automatic UHT completing with aseptic packing machine is ready for you.


 What kind of retort and size I can use?
 For the retort type and capacity, below information is helpful.

1: product contents and package type
 2: package size and dimension
 3: batch quantities.
 4: heating supply steam or electricity


About Product's material and configuration use

304 stainless steel, the machine frame material is iron. According to customer requirements, 316 stainless steel is available, complete machine stainless steel, and customers demand specified configuration.



Retort body: including pot body, lid, swivel, track, seal ring, roller, locking wedge, steam, nozzle, cooling water pipe and gate valve.


Control system:  PLC controller, touch screen, Control cabinet


Accessories: pallets, pallet trucks, trolleys, circulation pumps, pumps, pipeline valves.



Suitable for all heat resistant and waterproof package material


Our services
 1:Installation and operator training
 Seller arranges the engineer to user's factory to install, and help to train 3 operators free (with 7days).
 2:Whole machine 2 years
 In this period, the seller arranges the engineer to user's factory to repair or help maintain the machine free. Buyer need to pay the flight ticket for engineer.
 3:Easy damaged parts (gasket\plastic parts\rubber parts) free in three years, the user need to mail back the damaged part to change the new one.
 4.24 hours online after-sales consult service.
 5.Annual door to door maintenance service.
 6.Turnkey Services.