Powered Hoists
  • RM Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric Chain Hoists are new styles and small lifting equipment, which are ideals tool to lift heavy objects, load and unload, maintain equipment in warehouse, factory, logistics, building etc. the whole aluminum body and squirrel cage motor are produced according to high standard, electric chain hoist 1 ton and electric chain hoist 2 ton are most sold in china.

  • (N)RM Electric Chain Hoists

    Electric Chain Hoists are new type electric chain hoists which further builds upon previous RM series, To ensure safety, it adds overload clutch inside (built in friction clutch/safety clutch/ slip clutch/ overload limit) rather than Overload Protector outside the hoist (optional for RM series), We are electric chain hoists suppliers focus on electric hoists, Electric Chain Hoists

Manual Hoists
  • VT Chain Blocks

    VT Chain Blocks are a portable lifting device easily operated by hand, which can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain blocks and one kind of using simply and carrying easily manual hoisting machinery. VT Chain Blocks have the same technology as japanese vital chain blocks but with much lower price.

  • VB Chain Blocks

    chain blocks are portable lifting device easily operated by hand chain which are specially advantageous for lifting work in the open air and places where no power supply in available----a kind of manual lifting hoists, which also has different names like chain block hoist, manual chain blocks.

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Cranes & Components
  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes
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  • Double Girder Overhead Cranes
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Lifting & Handling Equipments
  • Farm Jacks
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  • Cargo Trolleys
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  • Hydraulic Toe Jacks
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