2000lbs-13000lbs small portable manual hand boat winch

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Introduction of hand winches

 1.The cost -effective solution for a wide variety of applications. Can be used to pull and lift loads.
 2.Positive action brake can hold the load in any position.
 3.Compact, light weight and rugged construction.
 4.Mechanical components enclosed for protection.
 5.Baked enamel finish for corrosion protection.
 6. with 10m steel wire or with 7m/8m webbing.
  Using pressed steel structure, surface: plating  treatment. By hand to 
 produce torque, drag and drop the connection object.

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Detailed Description

All hand winches are built for  multipurpose hauling and lifting operations.
 1.Capacity: 2,500 lbs
 2.Extra heavy duty construction
 3.Gear cover enclosed mechanism
 4.1-5/16" reel hub diameter
 5.Load locks into place
 6.300 lb. minimum load
 7.Zinc TUFFPLATE base and hardware
 Zinc plated yellow chromate TUFFPLATE finish has three times the corrosion resistance of standard zinc plated trivalent chrome process and 30 percent greater corrosion resistance when compared to powder coated finish. Results of lab test using 5 percent neutral salt spray confirms our TUFFPLATE finish provides in excess of 500 hours against First Red Rust and in excess of 100 hours of First White Corrosion.
 8.Powder-coated black reel
 9.Handle included
 10.5 year limited warranty

 Detailed images of hand winches

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   1.Capacity is based on direct line pull on the third layer of line on drum.

   2.Capacity is reduced as line builds up on drum.

   3.Drum capacity based on cable size listed. (Cable is not included.) B Series winches will only work with cables. They are not strap adaptable.

   4.Cooperate with CSIC(China Shipbuilding Heavy  Industry Corporation), we more professional on marine industry.

   5. We provide sample for examing and testing before confirm the order;

   6.Once production of of hand winches finished, your sales manager will accompany with you inspection in the factory;

   7. Sales provide you 18hr online service; Engineer online service time are 10:00-16:00 (GMT+8);

   8.We have a long-term agreement with our manufacturer, means that our prices are more competitive.

   9. Quality and price we also concern like you, we never sale shoddy.

 Packaging  & Shipping

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