Manual hand winch 304 stainless steel 1800lbs cable hand winch

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 manual windlass, cable winch, manual winch is used as a widespread instrument for automobile, shipping, transport, workshop, agriculture and sports facilities, etc. It is an ideal common instrument for operating in or out door. Welcomed by consumers. It has functions of structure compactly. Being easy to carry, operating simply, and can be operated with no power.

Specifically, Our company focus on new type manual winches designing, researching & developing, own many patents, and approved the CE and other certificates.

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 Detailed Description

 1. The RAMHOIST industrial hand winch is small, light, easy to use fitted with the device of friction braking,
 2. It is a kind of light and handy flexible drawing tools, Suitable for automobile, ship mooring, trees, etc.

 Detailed images 

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 Hand winch can be used in the snow, swamp, desert, beach and harsh environments, such as muddy road on the vehicle itself, to remove obstacles, drag and drop items, installation facilities such  as homework, also can be used as a modern electronic control
 automatic production line equipment, oil hydrology, transportation,port, construction hoisting, railway construction etc.

 Packaging  & Shipping

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Our service
 1. We can reply you within 24 hours.
 2. We can provide OEM service, and design label for you.
 3. We can pack the manual winches according to your requirement (carton, wooden case, pallet).
 4. We test the quality of all products before delivery.
 5 Fast delivery. (lf order is urgent, please tell us in the beginning)
 6. Best quality with reasonable price.
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