3200 Lbs Mini Boat / Marine Manual Trailer Hand Winch

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 This hand winch is designed for toughest pulling demands. It features maximum capacity by dual gear drive system.
 The typical application is boat towing to trailers, cable pulling for poultry farms, and moving the load.

All gears are hot treated for superb strength and long cycle life. Grip handle provide easy of cranking. And zinc plated finishing provide excellent corrosion resistance in all environment. It meets SAE standard & CE approved.

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Detailed Description 


Rolling vertical capacity: 2000kg (4500Lbs) 
 Gear ratio:17:1/ 5:1/1:1  
 Hook type: Snap hook
 Web length: 10m
 Web width: 50mm

  Marine Manual Hand Winch(BOAT Winch W/CABCE Series)

 -Rated pull: 2000lbs(900kg) 
 -Brake forward-backward 
 -Steel cable, or strap is optional 
 -High quality and  low price
 - Rope speed: complying with ISO requirements

 Detailed images 

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  Packaging & Shipping
 boat trailer hand winch packing with box

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