2600lbs 1179kg self-locking brake type hand winch wire rope manual winch

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Introduction of Manual Winches


Multipurpose. Lifting, supporting and hauling goods with crank handle.

Safety and reliability. Easy stop in any position with self- lock.

Lubrication. Factory lubrication before packaging.

Wear- resistance and durability. Heat- treated transmission shafts and gears.

Reliable surface finish. Powder- coated surface plus zinc- plating for longer corrosion resistance.

The products we distribute and manufacture are approved and certified to be used in the maritime sector, industrial production, industrial constructions. Since its foundation the company's goal has been and will remain to ensure high-quality services according to our customer's requirements and also to the legal rules and regulations.

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Detailed Description

 1. Manual winch is built for multi-purpose hauling and pulling operations.

 2. It can be used to pull and haul wheeled equipment short distances.

 3. It should not be used to secure a load.

 4. It is not recommended for lifting.

 5. It is not to be used as hoists for lifting, supporting, or transporting people or for loads over areas where people could be present.

 Detailed images of Manual Winches

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Product Range: We are specialized in steel and marine hardware equipment and technique solution, that means we could offer you all marine equipment and accessories.

Product Design: We have big strong engineer team, for all marine products, we will design drawings according to your requirements, or check the drawings you give us, all productions must be start after drawings confirmation.

Product Process: All product flow are finished in our manufacture bases, so the quality and delivery time could keep the same good, also avoid some details mistake.

Packaging & Shipping

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