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JK-D1 is a double hanging bar hoist which is a new model developed on the basis of the basis of the JK-D model hoist, is the efficient equipment supporting the construction derrick double hanging bar, but also can be used to level, cable-stayed heavy.

 Product Description
 auto application and electric power source best portable electric winch
Winch, winding steel wire rope or chain with a reel to lift or pull heavy weight of light and small lifting equipment, also known as winch. The winch can lift vertically, horizontally or tilt to pull heavy objects.The hoist is divided into manual hoist and electric hoist. Now the main electric hoist. Can be used alone, also can be used for hoisting, road and mine hoisting machinery components, such as simple operation, large amount of rope, convenient and widely used. Mainly used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, wharf and other material lifting or towing.

 1. It used for the Double Box Gantry Crane. 
 2. It used for the Tunnel. 
 3. It used for the Boat. 
 4. It used for the Double Truss Beam Launcher.
 Packaging & Shipping
 1. Electrical Parts of Horizontal lifting low speed electric cable winch 20 ton construction building Packaged by Wooden Box. 
 2. Main Structural Parts Hoist into Van. 
 3. Skilled Delivery Experience, We Know How to Place Winch Parts  Neatly. 
 4. Insure Horizontal lifting low speed electric cable winch 20 ton construction building's Safety and Perfection.

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