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Product Application
 KCD type electric hoist winch is a kind of electric winch, apply to ground and air field, widely used in the construction industry, with the feature of large throughput, hoisting height is high, stable and reliable operation and so on.
 This winch the mainly application fields as: used for residential buildings, lifting ash brick, dig well to carry the soil, depot, shopping, malls, hotels, factories and mines, small individual workshop for any angle of handing, lifting loading and unloading, is the most optimal small promotion tools in domestic, also widely used in small and medium-size houses, high-rise building to decorate, hanging floor, to dig a well carry soil, it is the common machinery for lifting work in factory and warehouse and individuals.

 1) The product we produced is in compliance with the national standard.
 2) The design is reasonable 
 3) The materials are of good quality,
 4) The structure is advanced.
 5) The appearance is beautiful and the size is compact,.
 Model: KCD-500kg 
 Standard Capacity: 500kg (Single wire rope)
 1000kg (Double wire rope)
 Lifting Speed: 7-14m/min 25-12.5m/min 
 Motor Power: 1.1kw 
 Motor R. P. M: 1380 
 Voltage: 380V 
 Lifting Height: 30-100m
 Weight: <60kg 
 Drive horizontal: Electric trolley. Manual trolley

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  Electric Winch Construction Building Lifting Equipment
 Our factory can produce 220v-380v multi-function electric hoist. 
 The product has the characteristic brake promptly, small volum, light, compact, convenient and easy to maintain.
 1.a steel wire rope hoist for lifting goods
 2.the wire rope is 100m
 3.can lift the goods which is from 0.5T to 2T
 4.the usage is pulling and lifting, except exclusive-use
 5.can match-use with electric trolley and plain trolley, geared trolley, these trolleys with simple structure, light weight, easy to load and unload widely used in warehouse, construction and many kinds of  producing-line
 7.Motor Power: 1.5kw
 8.Use Power/Power Supply: single
 9.Voltage AC.50HZ: 220V/380V
 10.Motor Load: 40%
 11.Work Level: M4
 12.Rope Diameter: D-6X 19-6.2 D-6X 19-5.1