Offer of 1 Ton Electric Winch for pulling light-mast

Keyword:Offer of 1 Ton Electric Winch for pulling light-mast   Time:2020-4-11 20:51:38

Customer's request:

We have a project for the change of motor-geared rope hoists.

Gear with motor

Power supply: 3 phase 380V

Cable reel-in – reel-out speed: 1m/min

Wire rope: 12mm

Wire rope length: 20m

Additional requirements:

level winder (rope guideplate)

braking system for gear

Design: monoblock unit (in canopy ip) - optional.

Motor power: 1-2kW

Option: remoted start-stop button from a control-room (cabled)

Actually, It is a winch, The Application is a pulling light-mast to bend down for some manipulations with light-source. (The masts type your can see on the photo in my previous letter). The Masts have special construction that allows to bend it. The bending part have counterbalance weight, so it doesn't require much power. We do not know exactly, but looks like 1ton or less will be enough. The rope length must be 20m. Quantity: 20 (totally). But this year will be replaced 5-10 pcs (depending on the price).

Winch supplied by customer1.jpg

Offer by RAMHOIST:

1 Ton Electric Winch0.8x0.6x0.5m216020pcs43200
Wire Rope12mm1.3400m520
In Total   43720

◎The above price is based on US $
◎Price Term:FOB china
◎Payment Term: 50%T/T deposit in advance, balance 50% before dispatch
◎Delivery Time: 35 days after receiving deposit
◎Warranty Time: 12 months from the date of dispatch
◎Package: One winch is put in one 1*0.8*0.7m wooden case


1 Ton Electric Winch

Rated Pulling Force1tonBrakeYHK97
Winch Weight450kgMotor Power1.1kw
Winch Size(L*W*H)0.8x0.6x0.5mGear ReducerZQ350
Rope Speed1m/minWinch Colorcustomized
Rope Capacity20mRope Diameter12mm

Product showing of Electric Winch

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