Different Kinds of Boat Winches made in china

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Boat trailer winches and winch straps are designed to pull your boat or other vehicles onto the trailer. A good trailer winch can make the difference between quickly and easily loading your boat onto your trailer at a crowded ramp or a having a stressful and embarrassing experience.

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When it’s time to trailer your craft, electric boat trailer winches are designed to carry the weight of your boat up the ramp and onto your trailer in safety. While manual winches require sometimes considerable physical strength, powered trailer winches make the job go quickly and easily.

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This winch works on 12-volt DC power with both power in and power out ports, and features dual mode and free-wheel operation.

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This boat trailer winch also features both a dynamic breaking system and a mechanical friction break, giving you multiple options of stopping protection to protect your boat when hauling it up on the trailer.

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A boat trailer winch is going to help you with that, so it's imperative to get one, especially if you work on the dock and need to get on and off a boat frequently.

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In order to get your boat on and off the water from your trailer, you will require a boat trailer winch. They are available as manual (hand driven) or 12 volt electric winches that are compact and easy to install to your trailer.

Marine/Trailer Utility Winch Kit is designed for portable, reliable winching with your boat or trailer. Whether you need to load or unload your boat or ATV onto a trailer or if you’re just looking for a portable solution to getting unstuck, this winch kit provides powerful performance along with all the accessories you need for an easy winching experience.

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It is the best portable electric winch, Keeper is very light, yet reliable portable with the marine operation. Moreover, there is a built-in carry handle for easy transportation. You can control the winch with a remote control on a 10 feet lead. With greats mall amperage-draw gear box, Keeper has a pull line rating of 6,000 pounds rolling load, and 2,000 pounds rated line pull.

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Special features:

Durable portable with marine operation

Include built-in carry handle for easy transportation

Powerful small amperage-draw gear box

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This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great quality at an affordable cost.

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