Different Kinds of Hydraulic Winches made in china or abroad

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A hydraulic winch is a pulling or lifting device with a wire rope wound around a rotating drum and a hydraulic winch motor powered by pressurized hydraulic fluid.

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It can be a handy device for pulling a heavy load through mud or snow. Some boaters use them for lifting anchors or bringing a ship to shore, and other outdoor enthusiasts use them for dragging heavy objects out of the woods.

Winches have a variety of uses around the garage as well. Hydraulic winch is especially designed for heavy-duty lifting, pulling and towing operations. It is a good choice when an electric winch machine cannot match your operating and performance conditions.

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Hydraulic winches are often preferred over electric winches because they can operate continuously without overheating the motor. They are intended for permanent mounting on the front or rear of most rugged SUVs, ATVs, or trucks. All systems include the necessary accessories, including hoses, solenoid control valves, remote control, roller fairlead, and cables. 

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Powered by a hydraulic system, this type of winch has more strength than an electric power winch, thus it is ideal for the most demanding tasks in construction, mining and marine.

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A hydraulic truck winch has more pulling power than an electric version, which can quickly become bogged down under heavy loads. They use the vehicle's power steering pump to wind the line and are not affected by water or waning battery power, which makes them reliable.

RAMHOIST hydraulic winch is independent from its solenoid control valve and offers the most versatility for recovery operations due to its ability to be mounted to the front or rear of the vehicle as a permanent or detachable system. They are less likely to overheat and offer a positive locking clutch to prevent the winch from shifting out of gear. Choose from rail or foot mounted hydraulic winches available at RAMHOIST.

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It will deliver full pull as long as the pickup’s engine is running and the power steering pump operating. The H-Series two-speed hydraulic winch delivers six tons of pull on the first wrap in Low gear and 7,000 pounds on the outer cable wrap.

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It allow crew to trim any size sail with the push of a button. Choices include 2- and 3-speeds, and self-tailing, with shaped or sandblasted grips, and standard or wide drums. Available in aluminum, chrome, aluminum/stainless, stainless steel, or bronze.

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Marine hydraulic winch is usually with heavy rated load and widely applied on ship, on the dock or on the offshore platforms for lifting, pulling, towing, mooring etc. It is welcomed by customers especially for heavy-duty marine work and operations.

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Hydraulic marine winch is a kind of popular winch with high durability and efficiency. It is commonly used for towing, mooring and anchoring function or lifting and pulling on deck. Besides, It is usually designed for heavy-duty applications. Hydraulic winch is used in all kinds of lifting equipment.

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The marine hydraulic winch is mainly designed for big load rating, usually from 10 ton at least to 5000 ton. Bring into chinese advanced technology, Excellent marine hydraulic winch holds so many advantages, such as outstanding appearance, reasonable design and better performance.

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There are built-in hydraulic winch, exposed hydraulic winch, high speed hydraulic winch and low speed hydraulic winch. and the high speed hydraulic winch provided by us have high quality, the rated load of the winch can reach up to 600T, and the lifted high speed hydraulic winch can be used on many sites.

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The type of industrial hydraulic winch is divided into: internal type hydraulic hoist, exposed hydraulic winch, high speed hydraulic hoist, low speed hydraulic hoist, etc. They usually consists of hydraulic motor, control valve group, gearbox, drum, bracket, (clutch), pressure rope or rope, mounting bracket and so on.

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It is an important equipment of marine industry that operates off with the hydraulic system of a vehicle and does not require a strong battery for smooth functioning. As compared to en electric winch, a hydraulic winch can be pulled for longer time without overheating. It also has a noticeable feature to work perfectly when being submerged completely in water.

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Hydraulic hoisting winches have drum, gearbox, motor and valve specifically selected, based on the PWA and PWB winch ranges. The result is a winch providing the best performance and reliability. PWA winches are driven by an axial piston motor, whilst TWB winches have an orbit motor. Both ranges have the brake outside drum, to simplify maintenance. Both of the ranges are available in marine version, with stainless steel rope tensioner and marine surface treatment.