Different Kinds of Gas Winches and Diesel Winches made in china

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If you ever need help pulling or lifting heavy equipment, you can depend on the Portable Gas-Powered Pulling/Lifting Winch to assist you.
Diesel winch, which is a lifting tool that is powered by a diesel engine and that rotates the reel by a drive unit. The motor can be controlled by the frequency converter, it can be vertical,horizontal or inclined dragging. The rotation mode is divided into belt drive and shaft drive. While gas winch is powered by Gas (gasoline)

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With its unique robe grabbing system, the Portable Winch holds a load in position, allowing the user to work safely.

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Our gas-powered winches and kits include all accessories you need to get the job done with parts like winch hooks, anchor slings, ropes, snatch blocks, skidding cone, choker chains, and more.

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A gas winch is also known as a portable winch in that the winch is a stand-alone unit and does not fasten to a vehicle or a building.

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The most common gas winch uses a small gasoline-powered motor to drive the winch and pull in the winch rope. The motor attaches to the rope through a gear set and typically uses a transmission or planetary set to engage and disengage the power drive.

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Winches powered by gasoline engine1 ton that help lift fishing nets Fish. sometime you need 3 ton or even 8 ton if lots of fish.

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5 Ton Gasoline Powered Capstan Winch Gearbox is used for tower erection, pole setting,stringing wire in electrical power line construction.

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It is mainly used for erecting air high-voltage transmission lines and the laying of underground cables, gasoline engine powered winch automatic clamp brake and clutch transmission chain brake two kind of braking device, in the opposite direction are positive, the braking action.

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Diesel winches are simple, rugged, reliable sources of enormous lifting and pulling power.  

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Gasoline Winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even cylindrical shape and coming with steel rope. The Endurance Portable Gas Capstan Winch is designed to pull with consistent power and use unlimited lengths of line.

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Diesel winches are a compact all in one solution meaning: No external power source is required 

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The diesel winch mainly used for warping hawser in luxurious ship and high speed warship Diesel winch, which is a lifting tool that is powered by a diesel engine and that rotates the reel by a drive unit. The motor can be controlled by the frequency converter, it can be vertical, horizontal or inclined dragging. The rotation mode is divided into belt drive and shaft drive. 

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It is widely used in circuit construction in pole tower, tight line, or lifting tools and heavy. 

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Diesel engine winch 5ton for cable pulling (also called hoist) by human or mechanical power driven drum winding device of traction rope to complete work. Can enhance the vertical, horizontal or inclined dragging weight. 

Mainly used for power transmission project (including underground power cable engineering), telecommunications, telecommunications engineering construction tower erection, traction cable, wire tightening heavy lifting, and tools, especially suitable for small batch operations within the city. 

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The main engine have a light self weight, especially suitable for field without power supply Any model, in the power site, can configure the motor power High pulling tension Emergency stop and isolation switches Heavy duty diesel engine Mine Spec compliant