Different Kinds of Air Winches made in china or abroad

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An air winch is a power winch that is powered by compressed air instead of electricity. Using an air line, air pressure is fed from an air compressor to the drive motor of the air winch. Once activated, the drive mechanism or drive motor of the air winch powers the cable drum, effectively raising or lowering the attached load.

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Air winches from RAMHOIST provide precise control when lifting, lowering, or pulling a load in construction and maintenance industries.

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When you need to lift, lower or position a heavy load, Then dependable heavy duty air winches needed to get the job done efficiently.

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From construction to maritime to manufacturing and more, Our winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment and a wide variety of applications.

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They are available with optional features such as remote control pendants, drum guards, airline accessories and construction cages.  They have automatic holding brakes. 1000 to 2000 lb. load capacity air winches feature automatic band brakes, a remote control and a radial piston motor.

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Built with high-quality components and all steel construction, Our Air Winches have a reputation for rugged dependability, reliability and safety earned for many years.

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It is known as a low maintenance industrial winch with an available lifting capacity between 300 lbs and 3 tons.

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Air Powered Winches are designed to provide reliable safe lifting/ pulling/ suspension solutions and smooth operating experience for the applications in the most extreme environment. Featuring spark-resistant, compact and lightweight, unlimited duty-cycle, and has overload protection.

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Air Powered Winches are capable of providing great lifting and pulling power, without the hazard of a burned out motor. They are ideal for tensioning applications and are also suitable in situations requiring precise load spotting abilities.

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They are ideal for lifting, pulling and tensioning of materials. They are used to pull or lift a load to a specific point.

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They are especially fit for the works including mining, on & offshore gas and oil drilling, marine platforms, port, and shipbuilding etc. Air winches are well-suited for applications in hot, cold, dusty, dirty, explosive and wet conditions. They are ideal for environments involving extreme heat, cold, wet or potentially explosive surroundings.

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German-engineered air winches for almost any industrial or offshore application. They provide fantastic lifting and pulling power without the hazard of burnt-out motors.

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They pose no electric shock hazard & require no special enclosures. They have an unlimited duty cycle and are easy to service, maintain, and repair.

They are considered high-speed compared to the Griphoist or electric winches. You can redirect angles and increase capacities by incorporating sheave blocks.

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Need quality air winches for your Lift and Shift job? RAMHOIST has a complete range of air winches that can support all levels of your lifting, shifting and pulling needs. Our products have an open front design for horizontal pulling and meet or exceed ANSI/ASME winch standards. The galvanized steel cages make for easy handling and durability with dual wind "waterfall" configurations available.