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A tirfor is a portable hoist that can be used to lift, pull and place loads over long distances depending on the length of the wire rope used. Tirfors are operated by a simple lever system and the load capacity can be increased with the use of sheave blocks.



Tirfors are the practical choice when the lift is particularly high, or the distance covered is substantial, as they can accommodate any length of winch cable or rope.



They can operate in any direction; horizontally, vertically, or at any other angle, as well as at any height or distance.



They are portable, precise and they are safe.

They can be used for either lifting or pulling. To lift the tirfor can be either anchored to the ground or above the load. It can also lift via a pulley block. To pull, the tirfor can be used as a direct pull along the ground, pulling down trees or pulling up a post with the cable going up and over a pulley on a tripod.

Tirfor machines are lever operated hoists using a separate wire rope. One-man operated, using a telescopic handle, they work in any position and over any height of lift. They can replace conventional winches and other hoists for many applications.



Tirfor machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope (wire rope not included). They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length.

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The lifting and pulling power of TIRFOR machines can be greatly increased by the use of multiple sheave blocks. These can increase the nominal capacity of the TIRFOR machine by 2, 3 or 4 times or more (see diagram opposite). For most applications, an allowance must be made for friction in the sheaves.

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Tirfors Hoists or Tirfor winches are portable manual hoists used with steel wire rope. They are suitable for use in numerous configurations and are the ideal solution for use in professional applications; they are operated by a simple lever Option: the load capacity of the Tirfor system can be increased by using sheave blocks.

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The versatile Tirfor winches can tackle a variety of jobs in forestry, agriculture and civil engineering. Enquire and hire a tirfor winch from Coates Hire.

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Tirfor Winches used as a Pulling Machine. The Tirfor Winch is also known as Pulling Tools, Mechanical Lifting Devices, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist and Rope Pulling Machine and comes in a range of varieties including the Tirfor TU 16.

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The TIRFOR lifting and pulling machines are safe, reliable and efficient. Suitable for many applications, TIRFOR machines are lever operated hoists using a separate wire rope.

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Mechanically operated winch also known as Tirfor winches or wire rope winches, they utilise wire rope or cable for numerous pulling and lifting applications. Portable, durable and strong. Tirfor pulling and lifting winches feature mechanical overload protection.

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RAMHOIST offer a wide selection of Tirfor machines that can be utilized to lift, and pull loads over a distance depending on the wire rope length.