Quotation for 5 ton electric winch (slow speed, JM series)

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1,Price and Commodities

NoItemCommoditiesQtyAmount (USD)  FOB china
1JM electric winchCapacity: 5T    Rope length: 200m     Power:380V/50HZ/3P1 set3300
2PackageFumigation Wooden Box
3Price itemIncluding 13% VAT
4Delivery15 working days after we get 100% deposit (Exclude the force majeure)
5Payment50% T/T deposit in advance, balance 50% before delivery
6Validity10 days from the date of this quotation. (Partial order subject to reconfirmation of price)
7Warranty12 month after commissioning or 18 month after delivery which is earlier

 Our offer includes supply of complete electric winch 

 Installation, commissioning & site testing: not included. 

 The third Party testing fee not included 

2,Technical Specifications and Configuration Details

ItemElectric winch
Rotate speedm/min10
Rated loadKN50
Rotate speedr/min965
Dia of wire ropemm21.5
Power supply/380v 50hz 3p
Working temperature/-20℃-+40℃
Protection class /IP55
Insulation grade / F
Weight kg1500
HS code /8425311000
Origin country / China

• Winch motor
Squirrel cage motor Maintenance free. Insulation grade F Protection class IP54. 

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• Reducer
Reliably Sealing Easy to maintain 

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• Winding drum
Q235B steel made by CNC machine 

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• Wire rope
Rope structure 6×37SW, fiber core, diameter 21.5 mm. 

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• Hook
Forged low carbon alloy steel hook with safety latch 

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• Brake system
Electric hydraulic break, large braking torque, quick response, long life design 

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• Electrical cabinet
CHiNT brand, Chinese famous brand

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3,Pictures of this item for reference

electric winch made in china9.jpg

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4,Electric Winch Processing 

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5,Package and Delivery 

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6,Technical Standards Design and Construction Rules
All the standards required for the cranes are the FEM standard, DIN standard and Chinese National standard.
Europe Main National Standards
-- 89/392/EEC standard (93/68/EEC)
-- 91/368/EEC standard
-- 73/23/CEE standard
-- "EMC" standard 89/336/EEC
-- EN 60204-1
-- EN 292 mechanical safety
-- ISO 2141
-- ISO 2766
International Standards
-- June 9, 1993 / Sept. 22, 1993 notice
-- July 29, 1992, 92-765, 92-766, 92-767 notice
-- DIN 5684
-- DIN 15400; DIN 15401
-- NFE 26-010
-- NFE 26-030
Technical Standards
-- FEM 9.511 Mechanical group
-- FEM 9.661 Hoisting and traveling components size and quality standard
-- FEM 9.671 Wire rope quality standard
-- FEM 9.681 Travel motor choice
-- FEM 9.682 Hoisting motor choice
-- FEM 9.755 Electric hoisting equipment
-- FEM 9.811 Electric crane standard
-- FEM 9.901 Hoisting components design reference
-- IEC 34-1 Traveling and allocation performance
-- IEC 34-5 Protection grade standard
-- IEC 947-5-1 Low voltage equipment
China Main National Standards
Design rules for cranes                                                                                                     GB/T 3811-2008
Safety rules for lifting appliances                                                                                      GB 6067-2010
Common crane technical condition                                                                                   GB 7592-87
Crane-Overhead travelling crane and portal bridge crane     
Tolerances for manufacture and tracks laying                                                                   GB/T 10183-2010
Crane-test code and procedures                                                                                       GB/T 5905-2011
General Bridge crane                                                                                                         GB/T 14405-2011
Portal Crane                                                                                                                       GB/T 14406-2011
Crane & Lift Equipment Technical Performance and Acceptance Condition                      GB/T 17908-1999
Electrical installation and acceptation standard                                                                  GBJ 232-82
Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines
Part 32: Requirements for hoisting machines                                                                     GB 5226.2-2002
Electrical installation and acceptance standard                                                                  GB 50256-96

7.Drawing for 5T-200m electric winch

drawing for 5T-200m electric winch.png