Electric Mini Wire Winches and Mini electric wire rope hoists

Keyword:mini hoist   Time:2020-9-28 8:32:54

Customer: Sending you picture of 2 hoists.
I am using one of them.
Simply too slow.
More useful as toys.
SEcond hoist .
Can it be used on building sites.?


Hoist 2.jpg

RAMHOISTyes, can be used in building site, may i know the capacity and quantity you need, thanks

Customer: I have been using these on building sites.        
They are really slow to the point that make you think you are toys.as I said to you on our earlier mail.    
Give me more details  about hoist No 2    
I will buy another hoist too

RAMHOISTsecond one has 20m/min

SEcond hoist (Electric Mini Wire Winches)1.jpg

SEcond hoist (Electric Mini Wire Winches)3.jpg

SEcond hoist (Electric Mini Wire Winches)2.jpg

Customer: What weight can it lift ?   
It is electrical. Right ?.  
Will you sell a sample?

RAMHOIST: there are some types: 160/180/230/250/300/500,  the max. weight it lift is 500KG. 
yes, it is electric.  
we can send you a sample