AC Electric Windlass Series 2200~3500kg (KDJ-2200E1~3500E1) 3pH with Steel Wire Rope for Pulling and Lifting

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  1. Incessant Power

  2. Advanced Technology

  3. High Efficiency

China electric windlasses made of standard welded steel have high working efficiency driven by incessant power and can keep working for 24 hours without failure, which have excellent ability in hoisting cargoes and hauling trucks. 

below are the advantages:


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Low Noise

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Great Performance

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Detailed Descriptions
Hooks are antiskid and strong so that they are not easy to break and have great capacity

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The water-proof box ensures safety in the condition of seaside and environment with moisture applying 

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Electric Windlasses use special motor with big start torque, small inertia, low temperature rise but long working time. It adopt drum transmission structure with gears transmission way for it is easier to replace

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Electric windlasses have durable and unbreakable gear box made of ductile cast iron FCD-45# steel. And the driving gears are made of high-quality steel and experienced heat treatment and high precision process.

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The wire rope fixing is quite safe and it can ensure no escape of wire rope of the drum. What’s more, electric windlasses adopt electromagnetism brake with selected brake slice but no need to adjust the clearance. In the event of power out

 Detailed display

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Electric Windlasses help with clearing up blocks, hauling goods or cargoes, installing equipment, which are widely applied in engineering machine, farm-oriented automobile and motion machinery in hostile natural environments such as snowfield, marshes, deserts, sea sides, muddy roads, building sites, storage, ports and many other conditions.

 Different sizes and custom-made products can be designed according to customer’s needs. And we promise one-year guarantee and perfect after-sale service.