AC 380V fast speed Building Double Drum Hinge Motor Friction Electric Windlass Winch of lifting

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Our electric windlasses are made of standard steel welded, they have high working efficiency, which are driven by incessant power and can work continuously for 24 hours without failure. This kind of winch has excellent capacity in lifting cargoes and hauling trucks. Electric Windlasses are mainly used in lifting, disassemble, moving and installing points in mining digging, building construction site and workshops. it has good features including strong pulling strength, order arranged wire rope, safely and reliable lifting. They adopt advanced technologies and high quality materials, incessant power guarantee excellent performance and long time working. The auto-brake mechanism ensure the security and the material are water-proof and endurable. Besides, Strengthened base increase the stability. And the wire rope is not easy to break with high capacity.

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 The operation of Electric Windlasses
 Windlasses are powered by single or thee phase voltage, which is mounted on the rack that are composed of motor, coupling, brake, gear box and reel, They are also called electric hoist which is suited for lifting, loading and unloading, the speed regulation performance is good, especially the empty hook can drop rapidly. it is necessary to reduce the fretting speed for mounting or sensitive materials, just press the push button to operate.

 The winch is only used on the ground. It is powered by electric motor, through elastic coupling, three level closed gear reducer, tooth embedded coupling drive drum, using electromagnetic brake. The product has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, high versatility, easy and convenient transfer. It is widely used in building, water conservancy, forestry, mine, dock and other material lifting or leveling, and can also be used as a supporting equipment for modern electronic control automatic operation line.

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 Your remote should include a "power in" and "power out" button to control the direction of the cable. If you need to power out a lot of cable, we recommend free spooling to save battery power. On most remotes, the "power in" button will only power the cable when the button is depressed, the cable will stop As soon as you let go of the button, Make sure the free spool knob or clutch is fully engaged or fully disengaged before using the winch. If the clutch is not fully in position, The winch may not operate correctly

Detailed Descriptions

 Wire Rope Fixing
 No escape of wire rope from the drum by means of P.T.screwdevice.

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 Drum Transmission
 The shaft direct driving drum provides rope replacement and alternation of rotation with easy.

 Designed for both static and dynamic loading, Brake will automatically apply in the event of power cut. With Large friction surface area, No adjustments or serving requirement.

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Gear Box
 Provides strength, durability and non-worry of breakage of structure

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Special Motor 
 Insulated B, with the features of big start torque, small inertia, lower temperature rise, it can work frequently for a long time. 

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Driving Gear
 The heat treated gear with bearings features durable performance and anti-wear.

Wire Rope

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Compared with others, our electric windlasses have stable and reliable performance, adopting high quality and strong wire rope, with advanced technology.

 Electric Windlasses help with clearing up blocks, hauling goods or cargoes, installing equipment, which are widely applied in engineering machine, farm-oriented automobile and motion machinery in hostile natural environments such as snowfield, marshes, deserts, sea sides, muddy roads, building sites, storage, ports and many other conditions.

Delivery and Package
 Different sizes and custom-made products can be designed according to customer’s needs.  And we promise one-year guarantee and perfect after-sale service.

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