3000lbs 12V off Road Accessories 4WD Vehicles Electric Winch with Synthetic Rope

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Product Description 

 1.DC 12V 2000lb electric winch 
 DC 12V Electric Winch is the most common winch, driven by vehicle's own power system. It works in such a way that converting automobile engines power into electricity power to drive the motors and drag noose. It enlarges the output power by the inside planetary reducer to achieve deceleration & torsion enhancement and pull cargo.

2.Features of Electric Winch
 - It is generally installed in the middle of the front car and connected with the car frame, exposed or hidden in the bumper.

 - High density & high strength wire rope, durable and firm.

 - The more cycles of winch wire rope on the reel, the less pull the outer cycle to bear. 

 - Easy and multi-position installed, fast movable.

 - The best advantage is that it can be normally used in condition of vehicle switch off while others can not.

 - Winch traction is valued by pound which can be converted to ton or kilogram. Do not exceed the rated traction. 

 3. How to choose Electric winch?
   You must make sure the winch pull is 1.5 times of full loaded vehicle. A 8000-10000 pound winch is at least needed when vehicle is full loaded around 6000 pound.

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