Multifunction Mini 12000 Lbs 12V 24V 4WD Synthetic Rope Winch 12V 4X4 Electric Winch

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Product Description
  Standard Configuration
 1. Control box
 2. Wired remote switch: with 1.83m cable
 3. Roller fairlead
 4. The series wound motor of 12000lb off-road vehicle winch is fully sealed. 
 Therefore, the motor has good water resistance
 5. Clutch: Up and Down 180° 
 6. Wire rope: Φ9.1mm×28m

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 CE certification
 Recommended Optional Accessories
 1. Mounting rack
 2. Wireless remote control
 3. Nylon rope

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 1.Be used in pulling stumps, vehicle recovery, especially in places where 
 self-aid or mutual-aid is needed
 2.Good quality gear, ram, rollers and other parts
 3.Waterproof socket
 4.Permanent magnet
 RAMHOIST new design makes winch more durable than competitors.
 RAMHOIST NEW DESIGN:                                                                                OTHERS OLD DESIGN:
 2. RAMHOIST Winch clutch switch is much easier to operate, not easy to break.
 3. RAMHOIST Winch includes1 piece of 450A relay, not 2 pieces of 200A from other suppliers
 4. Our synthetic ropes material is high-end Dyneema SK75 and made in Netherlands!
 5. We provide wireless remote controller and handle wire controller. But others in the market only provide one controller.
 6. Tough Finish.
 RAMHOIST winch finish is corrosion resistant satin black powder coated finish, more High-End!


Rated line pull

9500 lbs (4309 kgs)

Motor: series wound

12V:Input: 4.6kW / 6.1hp; Output: 2.1kW / 2.8hp
 24V:Input: 6.5kW / 8.1hp; Output: 2.8 kW / 3.8hp

Gear reduction ratio


Cable (Dia.× L)

Ø3/8"×45.9 ' (Ø9.2mm×14.0m)

Drum size (Dia.× L)

Ø2.48 "×4.7 " (Ø63mm×120mm)

Mounting bolt pattern

5.9 "×4.5 " (151mm×114.3 mm) 4-M10

Overall dimensions

437mm ×160 mm ×283 mm

Net weight

65.0 / 29.5

PRECISION ENGINEERED – The 3-stage planetary gearbox means smooth and quiet operation over long periods. You'll  have to hear it to believe it!
 TRIED & TESTED – Coming from a long line of winches used all around Australia
 TOUGH – Built for the punishment that Aussie 4WDers put their gear through everyday
 10" x 4.5" BOLT PATTERN –  Standard bolt pattern to suit most bullbars or winch cradles - plus easy DIY installation and wiring.