Australia Hot Sale 12V 1500lbs 2-Ways Synthetic Strap Car Boat Trailer 4WD 4X4 Manual Hand Winch

Keyword:4WD Winches   Time:2019-4-18 22:52:09

  • Full metal internal and external design

  • Extremely watertight with heavy duty seals

  • Heavy duty series wound motor

  • Free spooling clutch

  • Winch power in and out via remote

  • 100% Waterproof competition grade Solenoids

  • Powerful winch for heavy loads

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Type: 4WD Winches (4x4 winches)

 Winch Type: Electric Winch

 Cable Length: NA

 Cable Material: Synthetic

 Max Rated Pull (kg): 5443

 Item condition: New

 Availability: Buy online

Fair leads & Hawse - Depending on if you're after the synthetic rope or the steel cable a 4 roller fairlead or aluminium hawse will be supplied. An offset aluminium hawse can also be supplied on request. 

Options - A 'Plug n Play' wireless remote kit can be supplied if wireless operation is required. Battery cables can be upgraded to extra long 3 meter leads. RAMHOIST advises all winches to be wired with a battery isolation switch rated to 500A continuous duty.

Warranty and Parts – We offers a 1 Year warranty on 9,500lb winches. Please see the 4x4 winch Warranty clause. An economical range of spares can be supplied to get you out of trouble if required. 

 The new range of RAMHOIST 4x4 winches made in china are a high quality, heavy duty 4WD winch. Rated at 9,500Lb pulling strength they outperform the competition. The huge 6.0 HP motor coupled with a 3 stage planetary gearbox makes these units incredibly powerful. Available in 12V or 24V with a wonderful solenoid as well as 28m cable and rope options.

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