4WD Auto 12V 24V Mini Electric Steel Cable Recovery Winch/Windlass 12000lbs

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4WD winch/ 12V electric winch/4x4 auto  winch
 1.rated line pull: 16500lbs(2727kgs)
 2.motor: 1.4hp/1.1kw, dc 12v permanent magnet
 3.gear train: 3 stage planetary
 4.gear reduction ratio:235:1
 5.control remote switch 12ft(3.7m)lead
 6.clutch sliding ring gear
 7.breaking action automatic in the drum
 8.drum size: D2.52''(64mm)*L5.26''(134mm)
 9.cable: 24m of 7.2mm diameter (9/32''*79')
 10.fairlead: 4-way roller fairlead
 11.remote contral include

 Powerful-  RAMHOIST 4x4 winches come with massive series wound motors featuring higher amounts of copper in the winding's then others. By specifying the best motors across all our winches as a standard component, you are ensured a more durable winch motor which can withstand the extreme conditions winching brings. The fully engineer designed frame and gearbox results in incredible  winching power. Why settle for 9,000lb when more pulling power is available.  When other winches are stalling, the RAMHOIST 4x4 units are still loading up. Simplicity - RAMHOIST 4x4 winches are supplied with the parts and materials  making installation easy for the home mechanic. Made to fit the common winch bars (ARB, TJM, Toyota & Nissan factory bars to name a few) you'll be amazed how quickly it can be integrated into your set-up. The bolting pattern is the standard pattern used by almost all winches including Warn and Ironman. If unsure what winch will fit your bull bar please see our winch dimensions & diagrams on our website or contact a sales representative.

 DC 12V Car Winch, mini 12v electric winch Introduction:
 DC 12V/24V Car Winch is the most common winch, driven by vehicle's own power  system. It works in such a way that converting automobile engines power into electricity power to drive the motors and drag noose. It enlarges the output  power by the inside planetary reducer to achieve deceleration & torsion enhancement and pull cargo.
 How to Choose Winch:
Make sure winch pull is 1.5 times of full loaded vehicle. A 8000-10000 pound winch  is at least needed when vehicle is full loaded around 6000 pound.