Pneumatic Compressed Air Winch for mining and oil field

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Product description:
 Air winch is a kind of single drum type winch which adopts compressed air as its power to drive air motor, driving drum via two grades gear (to reduce transmitting speed and enlarge torque) so as to lift and drag heavy cargo. Considering security, this winch adopts manual band brake and disc brake.
 Air Winch is an essential part of the erection of the underground cable lines, vertical bars and other construction products, which can be in a variety of complex environment to facilitate the smooth and convenient erection of wire lifting, traction or tight line. Cable winch is composed of a roller wheel, gearbox, diesel or gasoline machine and a base frame, the mobile cutter grinding principle: cutter grinding groove is used to directly and the steel wire rope is connected with the traction grooved to a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, electric motor as power, after transmission gearbox to hit the speed requirements, machine is located in steel structure, stable and convenient to move.

 In order to ensure the security, it is specially designed with hand and air cylinder brake for fear of unexpected accidents. The Double-braking Air Winch is competent to work under any extremely conditions, with 5T Full Force, enabling starting with load for the high starting torque.


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 They are widely used in the following applications, construction sites, platform of oilfield off-sea and inland; drilling platforms, marines, minings, engineering sites to loading and unloading heavy and bulky goods tensioning cables and so on .

Features of Air Winch:

  1. Equipped with cylinder air brake, which enables the winch automatically in brake when stops.

  2. High practicability with anti-explosive function, especially stable and in damp, imflammable, explosive and snowy and other extremely working environments.

  3. Variable speed control, flexible to perform clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

  4. Band brake and automatic disc brake.

  5. Compact in size, light weight, portable to move and easy to install.

  6. Reliable operation with little noise with muffler.

  7. Low maintenance relieves your anxiety and assures you to use it freely.

  8. The Normal Pull Force can be tailor-made to your requirement.

  9. Especially fit for hauling and lifting drilling pipes on the second platform of oilfields.

  10. High starting torque ensures it starts with load and performing hoisting, lowering and stopping actions easily. with anti-overload function.

  11. Flexible to move forward and backward, step-less in speed control.

  12. Anti-explosive function, reliable operation under inflammable and explosive environment.

  13. Safe operation under high wet, damp conditions.

  14. The newly developed automatic spooling winch, greatly lowering labor intensity, highly improving cable lifespan and working safety

Advantages of Air Winch:
 1.Small volume, light weight, easy moving and fast installation.

 2.Simple operation, easy displacement and flexible and reliable function.

 3.Stable in damp, inflammable, explosive and snowy and rainy weather environment.

 4.Big torque in starting with load and positive and negative turning.

 5.Hand brake and disk brake.


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