12V 2500lb 3000lb off Road Recovery ATV UTV Winch

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Product description:
 - Winch traction is valued by pound which can be converted to ton or kilogram. Do not exceed the rated traction.

 - It is generally installed in the middle of the front car and connected with the car frame, exposed or hidden in the bumper.

 - The more cycles of winch wire rope on the reel, the less pull the outer cycle  to bear.

 - High density & high strength wire rope, durable and firm.

 - Easy and multi-position installed, fast movable.

 - The best advantage is that it can be normally used in condition of vehicle switch off while others can not.

 1. High torque force motor, delivers plenty of power.

 2. Efficient power efficacy, low amp draws.

 3. Smooth winching, very low noises.

 4. Sealed winch, well working in water.

 5. Full steel gears, toughened gears parts for toughest pulling demand.

 6. 2 ways brake,100% immediate stop to load hold.

 7. 100% testing on every winch pulling capacity and function.

 8. Warranty parts are free supplied.

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ATV winches:

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One year warranty time for a new ATV winch is provided by RAMHOIST, all parts are included except cable/rope. Any questions please contact RAMHOIST

Please contact the seller/distributor where you buy from When failure happens for the winch, to claim for repair parts.

Manual book and warning are supposed to read and understand by Users before using ATV winch. The warranty service does not cover the failures caused by incorrect use, winch modification, damage results from abuse or accident, or exceed the quality warranty time.

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