6000 Lbs 12V 24V Powerful 4X4 Electric ATV Winch

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Product description:

With ATV Winch, you will no longer be stuck on the road in the middle of your journey. No one expects to get off the car and push it out of a hog or be stuck over fallen tree during your joyful drive, therefore, you need our Electric Winch to winch your ATV out of the unpleasant unexpected circumstances.

The high performance 4500lbs Electric Winch has all the features for emergency rescue during your journey. The case is made of the toughest material which is waterproof and corrosion resistant to withstand the harsh weather. No matter you are in a tropical swamp and snowy mountain, RAMHOIST Electric Winch will give you the best performance.

Not only its exterior, but also its functionality that differentiates us from the others. With the high tensile steel cable, your winch can pull your ATV out of the most strenuous conditions imaginable. For your maximum comfort, the package comes with both wired and wireless remote control to let you just sit back and watch the rescue.

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 3 stage planetary gearing system, high efficiency, low amp draw, sealed 1.7 hp permanent magnet motor featuring mechanical load holding and dynamic brake.

 High tensile steel cable

 Free spooling clutch for fast wire rope payout

 1 PCS wireless remote control

 Power in and power out for positive load control

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 Product Highlights

 Tough on-n-off road guarding through swamp and pull you off the danger with hassle free !

 Heavy duty essence on complete resistance to harsh weather, multiply intrepid reliability against corrosion and moisture !

 Viciously pulling power drag you out of the vital circumstances! Dual modes comply with wired and wireless function!


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