2500/3000/3500/4500/6000lbs Electric ATV Winch with Synthetic Rope

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Product description:
 It is the self-protection and traction device for a vehicle and vessel, which can be used to help vehicle, vessel in the desert, beach, snow, swamp, muddy mountain road and other harsh environments, and mutual aid. It can clean barriers, drag items, install facilities and do other operations. It is safety device for environmental protection, forestry, the transportation, public security, border defense, other outdoor sports indispensable and so on.

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 1.  Simple installation, multi-position installation, rapid displacement.

 2.  All steel gears, high density and wear resistance, long service life

 3.  100% pure copper motor, the output is more stable

 4.  Hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope, all steel core is more solid and bears strong

 5.  Waterproof control box, good sealing

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 •Full steel reducer gear
 •Patent clutch structure
 •Free spooling clutch
 •Automatic screw cone braking action
 •DC 12V or DC 24V Power drive optional
 •High current working switch control directly
 •ATV Handlebar switch. control
 •Control box detchable fixing
 •Control box separate fixing
 •Remote control through control box and switch

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1)  Don't operate and spool under full load over one minute continuously.

 2)  Do not use winch as a hoist, do not use for transportation of people.

 3)  While motor is overheating, please stop for a while to cool down.

 4)  Limited warranty.