Portable 1 Ton Gas Engine Powered Cable Pulling Winch With Honda Gasoline Engine GX160 5.5HP

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Product description:
Motor winch is composed of roller drum, gearbox, diesel engine or gasoline engine and base frame. Working principle: The winch groove is used to directly connect the wire rope to the traction slot, with gasoline or diesel engine, motor as power, Box speed to achieve the required speed, the machine is located in the steel structure, stable and easy to move.

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 1.High versatility
 2.Compact structure
 3.Small volume, lightweight, convenience in using and transferring
 4.Driving stably
 5.Very light noise
 6.With big drum rope capacity to make you a wide range of choice for the lifting height or pulling length.
 7.Adjustable lifting or pulling speed for different usage environment.

 Powered winches are the construction tools of erecting electric circuits of high pressure electric transmission in the sky and laying electrical cables underground.
 They can complete the tasks of heavy-lifting and dragging such as erecting the wire.
 Testified by the experiments and practical uses, they have reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, strong power, nimble operation and convenient transporting.
 Based on so many advantages, this Powered winch is popular with the electric workers.

Operation methods
 Before turning on the winch, you must turn on the clutch first and put the racker for crosspiece - changing in the zero position.
 When moving the crosspiece, you should be quick. Otherwise the brake won't work well. When turning on the machine, you shouldn't work too fiercely.
 When changing the crosspiece position, you must turn on the clutch. Otherwise the gear will be damaged. After that, you should check whether the changing job is well done. Make sure you haven't changed two crosspieces in one time.
 If there is any difficulty during the process of changing crosspiece position, you shouldn't try to complete the job forcefully. Instead you should use the hand installment to help you complete the job. Concrete procedure: using the spanner to move the hand installment to a position with a certain angle, then you can change the crosspiece position smoothly.


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