250kg 1200W AC220V-240V Suspending Electric Mini Wire Rope Winch Hoist

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Product Description
 Braking: Dual braking system combines dynamic and mechanical braking, provides instant and safe braking.
 Gearing: Precision machined gears heat treated for strength and durability, the ball or needle bearings at all rotating points run in oil bath lubrication for a quieter, smoother and cooler operation.
 Upper limit switch: When hook disc touch it, the motor will automatically stop.
 Lower limit switch: The design is in order to prevent wire rope under-wound
 Push button: Easy to maintenance, simply layout of the control with 7M power cable as standard and emergency stop as option.

Micro electric rope hoist 180kg electric winch is small size, light weight dependable for use and convenient for assembly, it is widely used in machinery, light industry, agriculture, warehouse, abattoir, lumbering, domestic goods lifting and stage setting.

This easily portable unit is designed for multiple-story construction work sites and long-lift applications for loads. The wire rope hoist can lift up to 180kg, lifting  height 30m, easy to install, with a simple and straight forward control pad. It can hoist at 12m/min and is made of durable steel, making it a reliable and sturdy piece of equipment.

The capstan winch is a tough, highly portable unit that is perfect for the likes of utility machinery installation, overhead line crews, farm improvement, and transformer replacement.

 —Unique design and elegant shape makes the job of lifting or pulling materials, machine etc so much easier and safer.
 —Suspending style with protection hook, high tensile alloy galvanized wire rope ensures easy installation and safe working.
 —Pendant control with wire 5M, Power lead with industrial plug wire 3M, as standard, it's easy to operate.
 —Strength Al-alloy shell makes it weight light,stand wear and tear.
 —Temperature protection system extends a longer service life.
 —Dual braking system and upper limit switch which provides a double protection, making it safer and more reliable.
 —All gears are made from high quality Alloy steel with hard surface,allowing it to work in a sealed oil bath for a long time.
 —Compact and lightweight for easy handing. Low noise level
 —Equipped with magnetic contact or to avoid voltage drop, while ensuring powerful lifting.
 —Limit switches device can prevent steel rope reverse roll or over roll.
 —The motor has specially designed with high starting torque.
 —10 meters control wire and three point button with Emergency stop switch.
 —Upon request, increase control wire length or to install the remote control is available.
 —Hand-hold design which is convenient for assembly and carry.
 —Rugged Aluminum Alloy body construction providing light—weight, sturdy&durable.
 —With temperature protection can prolong service life.
 —Adopt dual braking system, double protection, safe and reliable.
 —Adopt upper limit switch, when hook disc touch it, the motor will automatically stop.
 —Adopt high tensile alloy galvanized wire rope, wear resistance&high safety factor.
 —All gears are made from high quality alloy steel of extreme surface hardness, gear operate in sealed oil bath, with long service life.

 1.Household mini electric hoist and Industrial mini electric hoist.
 2.Wire rope mini electric hoist and Chain mini electric hoist.
 3.Suspension type and Travelling type with trolley.

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  1. Design dexterity, easy to use.

  2. When the limit baffle touches the limiter, hoist automatically stops the operation.

  3. If the wire rope is raised in reverse, the hoist motor will stop working automatically.

  4. The upper hook design of hoist is divided into dynamic loading and static loading.

  5. The power line is inserted and easy to use.

  6. Hoist hook can rotate 360 °.

  7. The construction small lifting equipment have the features of compact, light, small-sized shape  and smooth operation can be safely used with good quality, long life-span, high efficiency.

  8. It can be applied in all kinds of locations in industry, business, handicraft industry and service industry.

  9. Not only on the overhead rails, but also be used in conjunction with many types of electric or manual cranes such as the single-girder crane, the double-girder crane, the cantilever crane and the gantry crane.

  10. It is an ideal device to improve work efficiency and working conditions.


 Please do not overload.
 When using, please wear thick leather gloves, do not let the hand contact
 Do not use the brake as a limit switch.
 Do not use micro electric hoist as a manned elevator.
 Non construction personnel are not allowed to enter the construction area.
 Keep hands and body away from fairlead (cable intake slot) when operating