Remote Control AC 230 V Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist Winch, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

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Product Description of Electric Mini Wire Winches
 The Electric Hoist winch can operate on standard 110v 220v 240v power. The wire rope comes with a safety-latch weight hook. It operates on a household power source. When the rope touches the limit arm, hoisting automatically stops
 This winch is designed for certain applications only. we are not responsible for issues arising from modification or improper use of this product such as an application for which it was not designed. We strongly recommend that this product not be modified or used for any application other than that for which it was designed.

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Details of Electric Mini Wire Winches:

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Features of Electric Mini Wire Winches
 Temperature protection is designed to extend a longer service life.
 Dual Brake system provides a double safety protection, safer and more reliable.
 Automatic upper and lower limit switches. When rope comes into contact with limit arm, hoisting is automatically stopped.
 High strength alloy galvanized wire rope makes it durable and safer.
 All gears are made from high quality alloy steel, which possess very high surface hardness and long service life and operates in sealed oil bath.
 Pendant control with wire length 5m, power lead with industrial plug wire length 3m, as standard, it's easy to operate.
 Light weight & compact design allows mounting convenient.
 When rope touches the limit arm, hoisting is automatically stopped.
 A sensor arm stops the motor when the rope is reverse winding.
 Dynamic brake designs for both static and dynamic loading.
 Separated quick connection for convenience.
 360° universal joint saddle hook with safety la

Application field
 The winch is widely used in machinery, light industry, agriculture, warehouse, abattoir, lumbering, family hoisting and stage setting.

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Package of Electric Mini Wire Winches:

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