Hot Sale 1.6t Manual Tirfor Lifting and Pulling Machines

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 Product Designed to lift, lower, stretch or pull heavy loads
 Available in 0.8, 1.6 ,3.2Tand 5.4Ton pulling capacities
 Lightweight zinc coated steel is used to resist corrosion
 A double sealed ratchet brake system increases safety on the jobsite
 Complies with ANSI/ASME B30.21 standards

 It is a new and compact small size manual lifting tool. Light weight and firmed structure, widely used, convenient maintanence. The most attractive feature is can suit for outside and bad enviroment.
 The outershell material is aluminum alloy, has engough strength, light weight and easliy carrying.
 Insidde parts use best alloyed steel, with advaced technology, all parts through strickly checked and certification, even our main parts according to ISO standards to ensure our high quality.
 hand operated lever wire rope pulling hoist features:

Working principle
 The wire rope hoist is a human body that pulls the handle and obtains a straight line traction matched with the load by means of the lever principle, and acts on a caliper body of the movement load in rotation, with a load running.

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