High Quality 0.8t/1760lbs Wire Rope Pulling Hoist/Tirfor Pulling Hand Winch

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Product Description of Tirfors (wire rope pulling hoist)

  • Capacity:0.8T×20M,1.6T×20M,3.2T×20M,5.4T×20M.

  • Each wire rope pulling hoist is supplied complete with 20 meter wire rope and an extendable operating lever.

  • Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety catch at the other end.

  • Overload protection ensures high personal safety when in operation.

  • Specially built-in shear pins can be replaced without removing the load.

  • The hoist has low maintenance requirement and is easy service.



 Features of Tirfors (wire rope pulling hoist)

  • High quality aluminum body

  • Overlad protection

  • Light in weight, convenient to carry, protable electric winches

  • Handle length is adjustable, so it is very convenient to regulate the hand force according to the lifting force.

  • Easy operation, convenient maintenance

  • Widely used for lifting, pulling, tensioning, and tightening in many areas


Construction of Tirfors (wire rope pulling hoist)

   * dam structures-pulling of frame

   * laying of steel or concrete pipe

   * concrete pile laying

   * seat pile pulling

   * combine of fume tube          



 * pulling of rail
 * removal of van or wagon
 * laying of track
 * shunting and maintenance of rolling stock


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Delivery time: within 30 days.

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