Manual Lever Winch 1.6t with Ce Wire Rope Cable Tirfor

Keyword:Tirfors   Time:2019-4-19 16:19:19

Product Description

  1. The hoist has low maintenance requirements and is easy to service.
   2. Overload protection ensures high personal safety in operation. Especially built-in shear pins can be replaced without removing the load.
   3. Both aluminium body and steel body are available upon your request.
   4. Capacity ranges from 0.8T to 5.4T.
   5. All hoists can be supplied complete with 20-meter wire rope and extendable operating lever. Wire rope is tapered one end and fitted with a hook and safety latch at the other end.
   7. You also can order the hoist with body only.



 Versatile and portable unit for pulling and lifting. 
 Low operation and maintenance requirements. 
 Overload protection ensures high safety. 
 Built-in shear pins can be replaced without removing the load. 
 Standard length of wire rope: 20 meters.