High Quality Wholesale Industrial Portable 12V 10000 Lbs 4.5t Hydraulic Tractor Capstan Winch

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Product description:

 Our towing winches are designed for the extreme conditions on board tugs and can be delivered with single or double drum in waterfall or linear design.

 These winches can be powered by electric or hydraulic drive and is delivered with or without spooling device, which can be delivered with joystick bridge control with required functions and automation, in addition to the local control on the winch; The rugged design made by experienced engineers ensures trouble free operation under extreme conditions.

 They are widely used on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo truck, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armoured flighting vehicles, off-load vehicles, tractors,loaders and earth movers, fire engines, high tension line stringing rigs and many other applications.

 RAMHOIST hydraulic winch made in china imainly consists of a planetaty reducer, arrester, drum, hydraulic motor, etc. Due to its use of the floating -typed planetary reducer, the winch with more reasonable structure makes the operation more stable, its use of multidisc-typed friction brake make the torque large, safe and reliable. In brief introduction, the product is featured by its small size, compact construction and high transmission efficiency.  

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  1. Configuration: Single or double drum, linear or waterfall

  2. Driven Mode: Electric or hydraulic drive

  3. Rated pull: from 5 to 200 tones (1st layer)

  4. Rope: Fiber rope drum or steel wire rope drum

  5. Wire speed: to suit operational requirements

  6. Brake: Manually operated band

  7. Clutch: Hydraulic operated

  8. Control: Local and/or remote control

  9. Series wound motor, high 6.6 hp motor, delivers plenty of power.

  10. Gears are made of 20Cr steel, crafted with cold extrusion and heat treatment, for toughest pulling demand.

  11. New key way cam clutch with ratio 191:1, or common Sliding ring gear 230.4:1;

  12. Sealed winch and solenoid

  13. We have 100% testing on winch pulling capacity and function.

  14. Safe packages-foam and/or pallet

Structrual Characteristics

 * Adopt the multidisc-typed friction normally-closed arrester makes the brake torque larger, safer and more reliable.

 * Full floated-types of planetary gear reducer make the operation more stable, the structure more reasonable.

 *Adopt imported motor with longer use life.

 *Adopt the manual or pneumatic clutch

 *The installation bracket can be manufactured according to your requirement.

 *Free wire releasing function.

 *The product is featured by its small size, compact construction and high transmission efficiency.

 *Manufacture according to GJB82-86 National Military Winch Standard

Details of Hydraulic Winches:

 Hydraulic winches are used in many heavy kinds of application. We supply these winches using most rugged steel to make they are durable and with longer lifetime. We have a variety of hydraulic winches to best suits customers' needs. We are also able to provide tailored solutions to our customers Except for standard winches, These china winches are widely used in construction equipment, mining industry, deck machinery, oil field drilling, truck crane and other light, medium and heavy duty applications.

Package of Hydraulic Winches:

 Free-fall hydraulic winch

 Hydraulic winch consists of valve block, hydraulic motor, multi-plate hydraulic brake, planetary gear reducer, drum and frame. Users who will use only need it equipped with pump station and directional control valves. 

 1 smooth operation in raising and lowering, 

 2 Easy to install and operate

 3 Compact and elegant design

 4 Compact size, good appearance, good economic efficiency

 5 Top quanlity with competitive price

 6 Reliable operation with low noise

 7 Low maintenance relieves your anxiety

 8 High working efficiency,less energy consumption, 

 9 Cost saving