Portable Detachable Self-Tailing Marine Sail Boat Trailer Anchor Winch

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Product Description
     This series of boat winch offers  powerful pulling capacity up to 2000lbs, and can be used for pulling boats with maximum weight of 5,000lbs. It can also be utilized to pull various heavy  items. For instance, it can be used to pull out vehicles stuck in marsh land, etc. With integral design, it offers superior waterproof performance.
 Powered by 12VDC power supply, this range of boat winch eliminates the demands for extension cords, gas engines, etc. Available with a mounting plate, the product can be conveniently mounted. Its built-in carrying handle ensures easy carrying.

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 Enhanced power motor (30% higher power than regular similar trailer winch) to make sure smooth winching operation.
 -  Dual direction electric winching (pulling and spooling - power in and power out). Dual operation model, both electric and manual (hand crank) winching. Hand crank winching model in emergency.
 -  Electric automatic braking system, Low noise design(<75 db at 12 inches). for car, trailer, truck, and boat winch.
 -  Galvanized steel cable and hook for additional safety, withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pulling capacity.
 -  Electric automatic braking system, Low noise design (<75 db at 12 inches), for car, trailer, truck, and boat winch.
 -  Capacity: 6,000 lbs. rolling; 5,000 lbs. marine; 2,000 lbs. pulling; Max boat  weight: 5,000 lbs.; Max boat size: 18 ft.

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 Main Features
 1) Permanent magnetic motor for 12v DC. 
 2) Direct in-line switch.
 3) With emergency crank handle and mount plate.
 Technical Parameter:

Rolling Load Capacity


Marine Capacity


Pulling Capacity


Max.Boat Size


Maz.Boat Weight


Line Speed

6ft/min    with load



Power Supply


Electric Power Line

9'9" Negative Lead

9'9" Positive Lead

Wireless Remote Line