1800lbs Portable Hand Small Manual Brake Boat Winch with Ratchet

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 Product Description:
 BW-2000B LBS

Single line rated pull

2000lbs (907kgs)


280W, Permanent magnet


Remote switch

Gear train

Gear gearshift

Gear reduction ratio


Drum size

Diameter 1.0''(D)(25mm) ×3.4''(L) (85mm)


4.8mm x 9.2M

Remote control switch


Net  weight


Overall dimension(Length x width x height )


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 For boats up to 20ft (6.1m) long and 10,000lbs (4,536kg) in weight
 Install in place of existing winch, plug in cable, and attach to 12v battery.
 •30ft of 7/32'' Galvanized Steel Cable and Hook (9.1m x 5.56mm) 

 •6ft/Minute Line Speed (1.8m)

 •Pulling Capacity: 3,500lbs (1,588kg)

 •Maximum Boat Length: 20ft (6.1m)

 •Maximum Boat Weight on Rolling Bunk:10,000lbs (4,536kg)

 •Built-in Light

 •Remote Control with 10'(3m) Cable

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  • RAMHOIST Boat Electric Winch gear train uses heat-treated sintered-iron gears for smooth, quiet operation

  • Precision needle bearings are used in the high-load areas for low friction and long life

  • 12V switch includes wiring harness, 25' positive battery wire and 8' ground  wire

  • High impact case provides excellent weather resistance and protection

  • Die formed base is adapted for quick mounting applications

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  • Recover vehicles, trailer your boat, and pull stumps

  • Heavy duty winch gives you up to 6000 lbs. of pulling capacity for rolling stock

  • 2000 lbs for straight pulling

  • Corrosion resistance housing with convenient carrying handle

  • Includes 30Ft of 3/16" heavy gauge cable; 3/4" opening hook; remote switch with 10Ft , lead 6Ft per minute with full load

  • Motor voltage: 12V DC, 25 AMPS, 300W input power