Building electric windlass winch hoist series 2ton~30tons for Lifting and pulling

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Product Introduction
 Name:Electric Winch
 The hoist is a light-weight lifting device that uses a reel  to wrap a wire rope or chain to lift or pull heavy objects. The hoist can be  lifted vertically, horizontally or tilted. Winches are divided into manual  hoist, electric hoist and hydraulic winch three. Electric winch is now the main. Can be used alone, but also for lifting, road construction and mine  lifting and other mechanical components, because of simple operation, large  rope around, easy to move and widely used. Mainly used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, wharf and other materials lift or flat  drag.

 Building electric winch 
 Pulling capacity:1ton-10ton 
 Used in construction sites for lifting,civil engineering installing
 Product Description

Steel welded frame
 The bottom frame we welded by channel steel, structure firmly. With ground bolt hole and lifting ring. A shaft through the drum which made from welded steel plate/seamless steel pipe on the support shelf.

 Motors apply to drive all kinds of hoisting machinery. With the advantage of high overload capacity and mechanical intensity, they are especially suitable for devices such as short-time or intermittent operation, frequent starting and braking or devices with prominent capacity against vibration and impacting.

 Electro-Hydraulic  Block Brakes adopt pullers as their driver units. Mainly used in the mechanical  braking of machine operation equipment of lifting, transportation, metallurgy, mine, port, and building mechanical devices, had the advantages of quick speed, safe stabilization, maintain simply, low noise, long useful life, electricity saving and high operation efficiency and etc.

Other types:

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