5 ton high fast line speed wire rope building construction remote control electric winch

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Product Description of Electric Winches
 1. Features
 1) Double Limit Switch.
 2) Current Overload Protection Function.
 3) High Quality Polyurethane Materials Buffer.
 4) Emergency Stop System.
 5) Weight Overload Protection Device.
 6) Voltage Lower Protection Function.
 7) Lifting Mechanism: Explosive-proof electrical hoist.

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 2. Advantages of Electric Winches
 1) Top quality with competitive price.
 2) Widely used in factory,mining, shipyard, and other industrial sites.
 3) Easy to install and high quality. 
 4) Compact structure and reasonable design.
 5) Overload protection, shock protective, Explosion-proof performance

 3. Announcements of Electric Winches
 1) Temperature -10℃~+40℃ ( when surrounding temperature is below 00C, before start-up, lubricating oil should be heated up).
 2) Humidity ≤85%.
 3) Altitude below 1000 m, no fire and explosion accident and so on.
 4) It uses 380V,50Hz, 3-phase alternating current power supply and ±5% tolerable voltage difference.
 5) Working grades of winch in use are M4 or M5.
 6) When increasing every grade working grade, its rated pull should correspondingly reduce 20%.